License to Fly

How can you achieve type certification on time?

Simplify the end-to-end Certification Process

Today's certification process is highly fragmented and lacks a single version of the truth between engineering and certification organizations. This fragmentation creates a lack of visibility between companies, the aviation authorities and operators. The result is a highly inefficient process for both startups and established OEMs alike. 

Once a Certification Basis is established, there’s limited window of opportunity to complete the certification process on time. The challenge to achieving the window of opportunity lies in each stakeholder’s ability to access the right information at the right time, knowing when changes are made and understanding the impact of those changes.

Missing this certification window leads to re-negotiating the Certification Basis, initiating the supplemental type certification process, and incurring potentially hundreds of millions of additional costs

How can aircraft manufacturers, whether established corporations or emerging startups, achieve type certification within the target timeframe and at lower costs?

License to Fly powered by the 3DEXEPERIENCE platform, accelerates the certification process in four areas while ensuring aircraft safety remains the primary objective:

  • Achieve Type Certificate on time
  • Reduce cost to certify by 25%, and
  • Build confidence with aviation authorities.

License to Fly introductory demonstration video highlighting Certification Intelligence and Analytics as well as Certification Governance. Duration 4.5 minutes

Discover the values of the License to Fly industry solution:

  • Speed up the Application-Basis phase and better prepare Type Certificate board meeting.
  • Build Certification Dossiers “on-demand” with full traceability.
  • Assess certification status across the entire value chain and actively drive execution.
  • Maintain and reuse certification knowledge for Means of Compliance, Recommended Practices, templates, etc thus reducing time and costs on future certification efforts.