Global Leaders Series

Discussions with today's Aerospace & Defense leaders

What is the Global Leaders Series?

Tony Velocci, former Editor in Chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology, held a series of one-on-one meetings in which leaders each shared his or her experiences and insights on what it takes to lead in the competitive aerospace and defense market. The collection of dialogs resulted in a virtual roundtable on leadership in the industry.

A conversation with Frederico Curado, President & CEO, Embraer

In 2007, Frederico Curado stepped into his leadership role at a time when Embraer was in dire straits and struggling to adapt to an extremely tough business environment—emerging competitors, rapid technological changes, and a financial crisis that had its roots in the U.S. but had worldwide effects. In the following interview with Tony Velocci, former editor-in-chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology, Curado discusses parts of his management philosophy and how he has tried to change the company’s culture. More

A conversation with Marcus Bryson, Chief Executive of Aerospace and Land Systems, GKN

Much of GKN’s growth has taken place under the leadership of Chief Executive Marcus Bryson. In January 2015, he will become president of ADS Group, the UK’s premier aerospace/ defense/ security/ space organization — a position he will take up alongside his role as co-chair of the strategically important UK Aerospace Growth Partnership. In his interview with Tony Velocci, former editor-in-chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology, Marcus Bryson discusses GKN’s future, what it means to be a leader, and his vision for the UK Defense industry. More

A conversation with Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive VP of International Development, Thales

At Thales, Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive Vice President of International Development, is leading the effort to identify business opportunities outside of their domestic markets to offset declines in defense spending. In an interview with Tony Velocci, former editor-in-chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology, she discussed Thales’ growth strategy, and also shared her thoughts on the customer experience, leadership and valuable lessons in her career as an aerospace executive. More

A conversation with Michel Tellier, VP Aerospace & Defense, Dassault Systèmes

For the last 17 years, Michel J. Tellier, has been helping Aerospace & Defense companies of all sizes grow their businesses and be more responsive to their customers’ needs. Tellier recently sat down with former Aviation Week & Space Technology Editor-in-Chief Tony Velocci to discuss the state of the A&D industry, including the challenges and opportunities. More

A conversation with Kelly Ortberg, President and CEO, Rockwell Collins

When Kelly Ortberg took the reins as president of Rockwell Collins in August 2013, he had big shoes to fill—those of Clay Jones, one of the aerospace and defense industry’s most effective and most admired CEOs.  But Ortberg was prepared; for years leading up to the succession, Ortberg played a pivotal role in helping to shape the business strategies that were in place when Jones retired.  Veteran editor Tony Velocci had a lengthy conversation about Ortberg’s goals for Rockwell Collins and thoughts about the industry. More 

A conversation with Bob Stevens, Executive Chairman, Lockheed Martin

The second interview in the Dassault Systèmes’ Leadership series, Stevens shares his thoughts on the customer experience with veteran editor Tony Velocci. The Lockheed Marting leader also talks about the challenge of balancing short and long term goals, and how he defines leadership. More

A conversation with William Swanson, CEO (ret.), Raytheon Corporation

Conducted at the end of 2013, the following interview is one of the last interviews before the Raytheon Co., Chairman and CEO Bill Swanson announced his retirement. Former Aviation Week & Space Technology Editor-in-Chief Tony Velocci spoke with Swanson to kick off the first in a series of dialogues with A&D leaders on their views of what it means to compete in this complex environment and the lessons on which they are drawing to help them succeed. More