Gain Manufacturing Excellence through Virtual Factory Replication

Connecting the loop between engineering design and execution


The rise of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) on the factory floor has resulted in a wealth of data collected and maintained. Then again, the two-way connection between real and virtual space data has been lagging behind. How can manufacturers link the two to reduce costs and error while fostering innovation in the manufacture of quality products?

Faced with the challenge of delivering products on time while operating efficiently, aerospace companies choose Dassault Systèmes. Our solution delivers the “virtual twin” concept that aids in displaying the virtual 3D model of the physical product.

Dassault Systèmes’ solution helps manufacturers:

  • Simulate the manufacturing environment that creates the product
  • Collect maximum information and measurement about the physical product
  • Conceptualize the real product by analyzing its virtual replica
  • Compare the physical and virtual product to identify shortcomings

Download the whitepaper and learn how Dassault Systèmes’ solution improves productivity, uniformity of production and ensures highest quality products.