Create a Faster Path to Market

Collaborating seamlessly through a single source of truth


The steady increase in air traffic calls for larger aircraft fleets, which pressurizes OEMs to simplify processes, reduce costs and deliver more quickly. How can companies remain in compliance with these changes from engineering design all the way to shop-floor work instructions?

In order to adapt to the changes from the globally evolving environment, aerospace companies should learn to seamlessly collaborate enterprise-wide and work more efficiently with complex parts. Dassault Systèmes’ Fabrication solution enables OEMs to accelerate fabrication planning, collaborate seamlessly, work more efficiently and create greener products.

Dassault Systèmes achieves the above objectives for OEMs by providing:

  • Collaboration access to design for all stakeholders and participants across the global supply ecosystem
  • A database of existing designs that can be accessed to speed developments of similar parts or modification
  • A virtual environment that displays detailed, realistic 3D rendering of parts
  • A single source platform that contains every specification and requirement of the design

Download the whitepaper to learn how Dassault Systèmes helps companies adapt change by shortening timelines and reducing costs with powerful 3D visuals and collaborative platform.