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How can your company achieve flexible production while reducing waste by 25%?

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Improve manufacturing agility through digital transformation

How do I implement lean principles to eliminate manufacturing rework and waste?

How can I increase visibility and control of production, engineering and execution?

How do I eliminate barriers to high production efficiency and drive customer loyalty?

How do I accelerate fabrication planning to shorten time to market?

How do I use the “Virtual Twin” concept to drive uniformity on the shop floor?

How do I increase the quality of manufactured goods while reducing costs?


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows everyone inside your company and out to collaborate together to win and deliver more business

Tailor your environment to your needs - on premise, on cloud, or with one of our partners, to create the best solution to scale to YOUR size and needs!

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Embraer adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform for design, data management, simulation and analysis, manufacturing and documentation as provided through the industry solution experience Co-Design to Target.

As a leading commercial and executive jet manufacturer and the largest defense and security solutions company in Brazil, Embraer continues to evolve to achieve long-term success. The company seeks to anticipate customer needs on future programs and develop technologies for advanced production and manufacturing processes.

The Future Factory is here

How do you create a more flexible factory today?

Aerospace in defense companies look to technology to help them overcome disruptions caused by new entrants and a more frugal customer.  Technology innovations offer the means to rethink your manufacturing strategies. 

Watch the two-part webinar series “Considerations for your Future Factory Strategy”

  • Part I tackles the primary challenges and offers insight on the criteria to consider when developing and implementing future factory technology. 
  • Part II shares the technology that addresses many production challenges. Watch the video to see Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and Multi-Robotic Advanced Manufacturing (MRAM) in action. 

Watch Part I and Part II to learn more.  

Accelerate innovation through transformative technologies

The new wave of emerging technologies have the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately, drive competitive advantage. How can companies accelerate the adoption of transformative technologies to reveal its true potential?

In order to continuously evolve in this market, manufacturers need to:

  • Improve sales and customer services processes
  • Access real-time performance data on the plant floor
  • Use a formal, centralized, strategic process for evaluation and investment planning
  • Redesign their supply and production networks

Download the whitepaper to learn how companies use transformative technologies to increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing timeline.

Reaching Optimal Production Rates Faster through Improved Planning

Aerospace & Defense OEMs and large suppliers are often faced with the challenge to manage large manufacturing sites and complex global supply chains to meet aggressive delivery targets. Analysts report over 30% errors and waste occurring during production which makes it difficult to achieve their delivery goals.

Learn how Ready for Rate Industry Solution Experience accelerates manufacturing planning by providing engineering and manufacturing planning stakeholders with:

  • Cross-site digital continuity
  • Real-time access to accurate product
  • Product build information to shrink development time and improve quality
  • Collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for all access data sharing

Improve Manufacturing Execution to Meet Customer Demands

Due to the growth in commercial aviation, Aerospace manufacturers’ focus continues to be on lean manufacturing methods that facilitate reaching optimal manufacturing rates, faster.

Learn how the Build to Operate Industry Solution Experience solution offers aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and large suppliers the ability to implement lean practices and meet demand without sacrificing either quality or schedule by:

  • Providing closed-loop visibility of all manufacturing operations
  • Implementing global deployment of processes through a virtual “replay” and analytical environment
  • Real-time KPIs that provide instant visibility on all levels – productivity, plant, line, station, cell & individual


About 25,000 Messier-Bugatti-Dowty-equipped aircraft make over 40,000 landings every day, all over the world. Its dedication, global expertise and technological breakthroughs in aircraft braking have made Messier-Bugatti-Dowty the world leader in landing and braking systems.

Watch the video and learn how Messier-Bugatti-Dowty adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for design, data management, simulation and analysis, manufacturing and documentation to accelerate development time and improve quality and design innovation.

» Read the Case Study


MBDA, a world leader in missile systems, is the first truly integrated European defense company, producing 3,000+ missiles a year for more than 90 armed forces worldwide. Face with either rebuilding or replacing the ERP, MES and PLM systems, MBDA conducted an exhaustive search for an integrated solution.

Read this Case Study to find out how they realized significant performance improvements and cost savings by integrating DELMIA’s enterprise planning, engineering and manufacturing operations systems.

» Read the full case study


Airbus helicopter is the world's leading civil and military helicopter manufacturer. From the machining of elementary parts up to the final assembly lines, the helicopter manufacturing process is spread across different specialized workshops in which highly skilled personnel operate every day.

Watch the video and learn how Dassault Systèmes help them sustain their leadership position in the market by delivering innovation rapidly and maintain high industry technology standards. DELMIA system manages supply chain complexity, provides real-time information sharing and digitizing data which leads to better streamlining of processes.

» Watch the 5 minutes video

Why should I partner with Dassault Systèmes?

We are an aerospace technology company helping to accelerate "concept to takeoff" up to 50%. We develop solutions for product development and manufacturing and support and the entire life cycle.

We have the honor of serving most of the major customers in the aerospace sector. In fact, most aircrafts flying today (if not all aircraft) have been developed on our software.

Whether you are a well-established multi-national OEM, a new start-up like Joby Aerospace or the number of suppliers that support them, we have the solutions, expertise and experience to help you succeed.