Engineered to Fly

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Project Awarded

Win more business

As original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) continue to outsource more, aerospace and defense suppliers of all sizes need a scalable way to increase their bid-win rate. With Project Awarded, suppliers have a structure in place to capture knowledge across the entire proposal process, suppliers can ensure repeatability and reusability to reduce the time spent on proposal management. The resulting time savings free companies to respond to more Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and more importantly, increases accuracy on schedule and cost.


Keys Capabilities & Benefits

  • Instant status from a single dashboard to monitor multiple RFPs
  • Complete traceability of requirements and ability to assign across domains
  • Repeatable use of templates and prior RFPs shortens response time
  • Accurate real-time cost data for improved RFP responses
  • Integrated platform ensures real-time collaboration across disciplines