Engineered to Fly

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Mold and Tooling Engineering

Develop a competitive edge

Part of the Engineered to Fly solution, Mold & Tooling Engineering provides an integrated solution covering part design through tooling manufacturing for plastic components. The solution automats design tasks and assists the user with decision-making and to anticipate and check manufacturing compliance. Tool makers benefit from a best in class solution enables on-line engineering collaboration and allows optimization of mold & tooling designs.

With Mold & Tooling Engineering, companies benefit digital continuity across functions to develop a competitive edge by reducing the overall time required to generate molds by up to 30%. And, have the ability to validate designs virtually before production, allowing development of more complex projects.  Companies can also reduce overall cycle times by up to 40% by reducing design time, minimizing the number of errors and standardizing processes.

Keys Capabilities & Benefits

  • Increase complexity of projects and productivity of global process
  • Provide the right quality molds at the right cost
  • Develop competitive edge