Engineered to Fly

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Execute on Target

Keep Projects on-specification, on-budget and on-schedule

Small and medium sized aerospace and defense suppliers consistently need to implement lean improvements to remain competitive. Using Execute on Target, part of the Engineer to Fly industry solution experience, companies benefit from having a single platform for managing products from bid to delivery.

Suppliers have the ability to improve project execution through a driven and controlled approach, including real-time status of proposals and projects, fully secure data and other IP, and full traceability for both regulatory authorities and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and thus optimize delivery-to-contract and profitability.


Keys Capabilities & Benefits

  • Access one, real-time version of program data across the entire team
  • View key indicators and metrics in real-time to keep projects on track
  • Trace changes (program, system, sub-system and component) ensuring compliance to specifications with full traceability
  • Maximize reuse of company intellectual property (IP)