Aerospace Systems Engineering

Systems engineering has always been an integral part of large scale integration successes of Aerospace & Defense (A&D) programs. It is more important now as modern aircrafts rely on software intensive systems to improve product performance. Aircraft mission-critical functionalities such as power, start-up and navigation are also supported by software intensive systems. Aerospace systems engineering scope has therefore been extended beyond design synthesis to include quality and reliability analysis as well as embedded software management. As product development project for software-intensive products tend to experience budget and schedule overrun, aerospace systems must be designed and optimized early in the development process when the majority of product costs are committed.

Dassault Systemes (3DS)' solution for Aerospace Systems Engineering provides A&D companies with several levels of systems engineering functionalities. At the heart of the solution is an RFLP (Requirement, Functional, Logical and Physical) infrastructure that provides an end-to-end traceability from original requirements to the final product. The solution provides the capabilities to capture requirements, define functional and logical architectures, analyze the systems with various methods such as IVVQ (Integration Validation Verification Qualification), and perform product behavior modeling or safety analysis. For planning purposes, requirements can be decomposed and allocated to features of product architecture. Users can also easily allocate functional elements to physical decomposition, define optional subsystems, the conditions of their use and their verification plan. 

Aerospace Systems Engineering

Dassault Systemes’ PLM system enables all development efforts to be centralized on a single, unified product definition so that various engineering disciplines can be brought together on a common platform to foster collaboration and innovation. This brings many advantages such as cross-discipline systems modelingoptimization and analysis, as well as systems-level configuration management.

By employing holistic approach to systems engineering and integrating all engineering disciplines -- from mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, air-conditioning to software – A&D companies can significantly increase product quality and performance while optimizing for costs.  Dassault Systemes’ customers have enjoyed up to 50% increase in collaboration efficiencies, 50% risk reduction in program specification, a return of investment in less than one year, and cost reduction in millions of dollars by using this solution.

Aerospace Systems Engineering Solution includes:

  • Requirement management
  • Functional analysis
  • Logical systems design
  • IVVQ (Integration Validation Verification & Qualification)
  • Dysfunctional & reliability analysis

With ENOVIA, we give all 150 actors a single, structured view of both the product and process. It creates a synergy, a feeling of belonging to a whole.

François Chivot Manager Systems Engineering Methodology and Tools, Dassault Aviation