Aerospace Supplier Management

The era of a single manufacturer producing the entire airplane is gone. Nowadays, companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry engage in risk-sharing business model, in which the OEM undertakes the role of component assembler and key suppliers become partners who manage the entire development and manufacturing of specific components. Outsourcing of such a complex product calls for a product development platform that can handle the complexity of a globally dispersed ecosystem, engaging the value-chain members from the start of the program.

Dassault Systèmes (3DS)' solution for Aerospace Supplier Management is designed to cover the entire spectrum of managing the industry’s complex sourcing and supplier ecosystem. With this solution, engineers and quality managers can give their suppliers real-time access to relevant project information, making them an integral part of early design collaboration, quality management and supplier execution processes. The suppliers are assigned responsibilities related to specific parts and assemblies, allowing multiple suppliers to work together on the same assembly with differing visibility and access rights. Part quality plans can be assigned at the same time, ensuring that the suppliers follow standardized improvement and planning methodologies and best practices.

Supplier performance is tracked through supplier scorecards comprised of report metrics on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from plants, certifications and supplier capabilities. As a result, development plans can be devised together with the suppliers to maximize the value of strategic relationships. This enables processes and hand-offs between the OEMs and key supply chain stakeholders to be continuously improved. Organizations can reduce operational costs and improve profit margins by leveraging bill of materials (BOMs) and other related data to build standard request-for quotes (RFQs) and quote responses for complex products as well as off-the-shelf components. This solution also includes cross functional component management, which enables engineering and sourcing to work off of a single component management system. Engineers can choose components that are optimal for sourcing while sourcing specialists are also given visibility into engineering requirements so that optimal sourcing decisions can be made.

Dassault Systèmes' Aerospace Supplier Management solution helps companies streamline sourcing and product development processes through improved supplier communication, resulting in reduced supplier bid response time and improved bid accuracy. When this solution is used in conjunction with the Aerospace Program Management solution, you can also define Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL), Supplier Data Requirements List (SDRL) and other non-contract data requirements lists as submittal tasks and link actual data deliverable documents for assignment and future completion.

Aerospace Supplier Management Solution includes:

  • Competitive sourcing
  • Supplier qualification
  • Sourcing for design
  • Condition of supply
  • Procurement execution

Dassault Systèmes' PLM helps us flow information throughout the entire value stream, enabling a higher level of concurrency that helps us bring new products to market faster.

François Caza VP and Chief Engineer Bombardier Aerospace