Aerospace Program Management

Successful execution of an Aerospace and Defense program means managing volumes of information to efficiently meet all contractual obligations.  Poor visibility of program status across the extended enterprise causes people to spend a lot of time looking for information about program status instead of creating values.  With increased suppliers’ role in the program, a solution is needed to integrate all critical data into a consistent whole so that complex products with higher dependencies on suppliers can be delivered faster.  Having the ability to track, streamline and share these critical program information and processes across the enterprise is crucial to improve corporation’s performance-to-contract.

 Dassault Systèmes (3DS)' solution for Aerospace Program Management provides the collaborative environment for product development stakeholders to access a single source of the truth. The PLM system uses one central repository to support key functional disciplines from contract managementProgram Planning and Control (PP&C), configuration managementchange managementas well as risk and resource management. At the core of the solution is a robust and flexible configuration management system with 3D dashboard that provides on demand viewing and tracking of all changes to all product configurations throughout the entire program life cycle.  Program managers can now define and assign program deliverables such as Contract line-items (CLINs) and work breakdown structure elements (WBSE) with reliable and up-to-date information to all stakeholders at all times. 

Dassault Systèmes’ open architecture, indexed part catalogs and out-of-the-box business processes enables you to remove all operational inefficiencies related to your configuration management and allowing you to gain total visibility of all program activities at the OEM and supplier sites. This solution enables program schedules to be easily adapted to changes coming from customers or suppliers so that the revised plan can be conducted as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  And as in any products with a long life cycle, a system is needed to capture and share up-to-date information related to “in service” performance. TheAerospace Program Management solution supports continuous improvement and drives proactive, instead of reactive, maintenance of the products.

Aerospace Program Management Solution includes:

  • Partner management
  • Contracts management
  • Program requirement management
  • Configuration management
  • Program execution
  • Program resource management

ENOVIA makes it easy to manage the production infrastructure and helps us to develop a program faster.

Jong-hyun Choi Manager, Korea Aerospace Industries