Aerospace Product Integration & Synthesis

Aerospace Product Integration & Synthesis

In the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry, where digital mockup was pioneered two decades ago, progressive organizations continue to push the advancement of product development by relying fully on digital mock-up and completely eliminating the need for physical mock-up. Digital mock-up not only reduces the time A&D manufacturers need to develop and validate the product, it also offers more much flexibility in evolving the product design. Moreover, digital mock-up is perfectly suited for the virtual product development environment in which the OEMs and globally dispersed suppliers and partners must collaborate.

Dassault Systèmes (3DS)’ solution for Aerospace Product Integration and Synthesis provides a collaborative environment for product developers and reviewers to validate a digital mock-up and understand the underlying key factors that determine its quality, performance and cost. With integrated product configuration and design system, the PLM system fosters ‘what-if?’ scenarios, especially when dealing with several product variants. This solution provides advanced 3D interactive capabilities to analyze and ensure spatial integrity of the digital mockup across its many alternate forms. One of the most critical capabilities is the ability for the users to validate the digital mock-up across its life cycle phases.  This is made possible by the extensive lists of connectors that are available to extract product information from various data sources. 

It is critical that clashes or interfering parts within a digital mockup be corrected as soon as possible. To ensure that proper actions are taken by the engineers, batch digital mock-up validation can be setup to run periodically (e.g. every night) or as part of a business process (e.g. before engineering change release). This saves companies hundreds of manual hours and allows supervisors to quickly dispatch corrective actions to make sure that all interferences are tracked and solved in timely manner.

Dassault Systèmes’ Aerospace Product Integration and Synthesis solution provides virtual program data consolidation in a single 3D product reference. The life-like navigation capabilities on a single product reference, complete with the availability of all related product lifecycle information, enables a real-time “3D dashboard” of the program, complete with its KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to assist managers in better decision making process.

Aerospace Product Integration & Synthesis Solution includes:

  • Interference management
  • Issue management
  • Design review
  • Digital validation

Dassault Systèmes' PLM solutions help us optimize the product lifecycle by creating a comprehensive digital product definition that we can repurpose throughout the value chain.

Verner Baird Business Transformation and Systems, Vice President Engineering and Supply Chain and ERP, Bombardier Aerospace