Aerospace & Defense Business Processes

Please select the processes in the following chart. Each solution from Dassault Systèmes can be implemented individually to solve specific business process or engineering challenges. Together, this comprehensive and integrated Aerospace Product Life Cycle Management solution set helps companies in their strategic initiatives around the transformation of product development, manufacturing and enterprise collaboration processes.

Configuration Selection
Firm Concept
Authority to Offer
Firm Configuration
Start Major Assembly
First Flight
Entry into Service
End of Life

Highlights and Benefits of 3DS Aerospace PLM Solutions

  • Facilitates concurrent work and collaboration across the supply-chain by leveraging a single source of product, process and resource definition.
  • Rapidly develops and manages more variants while maximizing part reuse by using templates, morphing techniques and knowledge management.
  • Builts the product right the first time by designing and validating multi-disciplinary data – from structure to engine and system – within a single digital mockup.
  • Accelerates the start of production by defining production lines concurrently with product design.
  • Increases innovation and guarantees technical feasibility by investigating a wider range of ideas – including those coming from suppliers - and quickly converging to the right concept.
  • Provides supply-chain and manufacturing with visibility into evolving requirement and design changes so that scheduling delays and costly rework can be avoided.
  • Optimizes design, operation, and maintenance processes to improve customer experiences and reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Adopts quality methodologies and best practices for critical processes that improve aircraft quality and speed up certification.
  • Drives cost out of design and production processes across the organization through automation, streamlining, and synchronization.