Build to Operate

Digital Precision throughout Production

Continuous Build Improvement

Lean Improvements for First Time Quality

Continuous Build Improvement provides Plant Managers with improved visibility and 24/7 Operations Control to improve manufacturing processes.

Supporting continuous improvement, also known by the Japanese term Kaizen, plant managers and manufacturing engineers have the ability to eliminate waste through advanced analyses of all relevant manufacturing data. The analysis uses On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes that includes manufacturing KPIs, metrics and other data. Having immediate access to this manufacturing big data promotes first time quality though preventive actions, continuous production optimization and by avoiding non-conformance issues.

Part of the Build to Operate Industry Solution Experience, Continuous Build Improvement allows manufacuters to pursue first time quality with lean improvements such as:

  • Up to 25% lower manufacturing defects
  • Up to 75% reduction in defect analysis cycle time
  • Up to 20% increase manufacturing capacity

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Detect and lower or avoid quality risks in real-time by monitoring shop floor data and proactively preventing scrap and rework
  • Identify root causes and prevent composite or additive manufacturing defects also through analyses of shop floor data to uncover previously unexplained voids and delamination defects
  • Implement lean practices such as continues improvements via Internet of Things (IOTs); smart devices which collect job relevant data used in certification and shop floor analytics
  • Validate, control and improve line automation performance through analytics of line performance, warning and failure information accomplished via a simulated "replay" environment - all features of today's future factory.