Build to Operate

Digital Precision throughout Production

Build to Rate

First Time Build Quality Accelerates Rate

With the Build to Operate solution, companies can reach full manufacturing rate faster through replicable processes, optimized production sequences and the ability to achieve first time quality across all sites. Quality engineers have the data to quickly identify root causes of production errors and failures and adjust processes and make corrections in real-time.  Manufacturing engineers have the ability to implement best practices by using natural language rules for clear real-time recommendations to shop floor workers during execution. The impact is increased production volume and reduced scrap and rework.

With Build to Rate, manufacturers leverage full Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities to monitor, control and validate all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • The ability to introduce new technologies more simply results in increased efficiency of existing (enhancing) or new (green field) production lines
  • Delivering the right work instructions at the right time decreases installation and asssembly cycle time
  • Unified engineering and manufacturing change management increases efficiency of non-conformance resolution
  • Real-time traceability of supplier as-built data enabling quick containment and disposition of quality issues minimizes the risk of installing defective components