Build to Operate

Digital Precision throughout Production

Delivering Future Factory Capabilities

The Build to Operate Industry Solution Experience, along with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, accelerates meeting production targets and increases manufacturing capacity. The solution offers aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and large suppliers the ability to implement lean practices and meet demand without sacrificing either quality or schedule.

Over the next decades, airline fleet modernization and aircraft retirement will continue to feed the growth of commercial aviation. This drives the need for continuous improvement of both new and existing production lines.

For aerospace and defense companies, Build to Operate, based on DELMIA Apriso, offers Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities to monitor, control and validate all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision throughout their supply chain on a global scale.

Discover the manufacturing value of Build to Operate:

  • Real-time view across your enterprise and supply chain to stay ahead whether you have one or dozens of manufacturing production sites
  • Closed-loop visibility of all manufacturing operations for improved assessment and mitigation of risks
  • Global deployment of sustainable and lean manufacturing processes
  • Unified engineering and manufacturing change management for increased efficiency of non-conformance resolutions
  • Traceable supplier as-built data to minimize the risk of installing defective components
  • Insight into the disposition of quality issues to rapidly implement corrective actions

We adopted Dassault Systèmes’ ‘Build to Operate’ industry solution experience to improve manufacturing execution for our existing and future helicopters programs. By tightly unifying engineering with our change management process, and by implementing lean processes like just-in-time processing and paperless manufacturing, we aim to improve quality and accelerate production while lowering program cost.

Jean-Luc Sturlèse Vice President, Production Flows Management, Airbus Helicopters