Aerospace Suppliers

Meet OEM customer demand on-time, on-target and on-cost

Shifting demand requires new supplier strategies

Aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and large tier-1 suppliers continue to shift risk and responsibility to the supply chain smaller tiered suppliers. Successful suppliers respond by using innovation and productivity gains to drive down costs and meet delivery times.

Aerospace suppliers must adapt to ensure highest levels of quality, adhere to promised production dates and deliver year-on-year cost reductions. Surviving, or better thriving, requires suppliers to innovate in all aspects of their business, particularly making step-change improvements in managing operating costs and forging closer partnerships with their OEM or Tier 1 customers.

How can suppliers meet the pressure from the big aircraft, system and engine makers to sign long-term supply agreements (lasting 10 to 15 years), promise regular price reductions and accept liability should something go wrong all while working to improve quality, deliver faster and drive down costs?

Dassault Systèmes works with aerospace and defense small and medium sized suppliers to accelerate delivery from initial concept to delivery by up to 50 percent. Companies using the powerful 3DEXPERIENCE platform may:

  • Access one version of program data across the entire team allowing all contributors to work concurrently.
  • Trace changes (program, system, sub-system and component) ensuring compliance to specifications with full traceability for both regulatory authorities and OEMs.
  • Improve project execution through a driven and controlled approach, including real-time status of Key Performance Indicators, proposals and projects to deliver to contract profitability.

Discover how Dassault Systèmes enables suppliers to thrive in the highly competitive aerospace market and improve gross margins, revenues and market share.