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First Results

Tens of simulations later, the team considers the results:

With a standard tug, we now know how to tow an iceberg of several million tons several thousand kilometers. In the example of the Canary Islands, the voyage can be made in 141 days.

Also, with an effective system of protection against melting, we know how to limit the melting of the iceberg. In the Canary Island example, the iceberg lost on average 38% of its mass.

We also know that using several tugs over the whole voyage does not reduce the travel time. It only increases the consumption of fuel oil.

Finally, it is useless to try and struggle against the forces of nature when they are too powerful. This also only increases fuel consumption, so that in the end, the convoy is carried along anyway. This reasoning is perfectly consistent with the logic of assisted drift, which has the objective of adapting itself to the conditions of the convoy’s “natural drift.”

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