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Anticipating the risk of fracture

The iceberg is made up of fragile material, ice that can break up violently without warning, due to the combined effect of natural imperfections when it was created and environmental damage such as the effects of temperature, water erosion, wave action and storms.

Digital simulation using the SIMULIA Abaqus software enables us to evaluate the local environmental risks connected with the break-up of this ice colossus.

The simulation carried out supposes a type of break-up observed by scientists with icebergs: one block sinks deeply before resurfacing again, another rises up several tens of meters before finding renewed equilibrium. In view of the volumes involved, we can see that it produces total chaos in the surrounding marine environment, with waves 50 to 60 meters high and currents of 60-80 meters per second. In such a scenario, it is best to have taken the appropriate safety measures beforehand.

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