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Tools for designers, product engineers, manufacturing professionals and other innovators collaborating on product development. If you are responsible for rapid authoring, analysis and validation of products and processes, then click here to find how ENOVIA can help.


ENOVIA® VPM On-The-Go (VND) allows mobile ENOVIA® VPM Central™ users to work remotely without network access while protecting IP and maintaining project data integrity.

ENOVIA VPM Central provides a single, online, PLM environment to handle complex products design with maximum traceability and flexibility. This online environment enables robust data sharing, editing and greater collaborative experience.


In some cases, CATIA® users may need to work out of reach of their enterprise network for business reasons. With ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go, users can continue working on their current data wherever their location and without access to their enterprise ENOVIA® V6 server.

ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go has been created for mobile employees who need to create, modify or review data offline.

Mobility implies to first extract locally data from the ENOVIA V6 server to build the working session and to reserve them to avoid potential concurrent engineering conflicts.

Similar to email applications, some V6 capabilities relying on the collaborative experience are deactivated when users are not connected to a network. Naturally, most of the authoring functionalities remain available, so users can keep on working on the go on their design or review.

When users reconnect to their ENOVIA V6 server all familiar PLM capabilities become available again. All the work performed locally can be propagated to the central repository and shared with the complete enterprise.


ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go helps companies optimize product designs with potential traveling and network constraints, allowing engineers to pursue design activities in every circumstance.

    • Insure IP Protection
      When traveling with ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go activated, a continuous People & Organization access control is guaranteed to protect IP against hardware loss. The extracted session is protected by the ENOVIA password, and when authenticated, the user can retrieve all the authoring sessions extracted from the central repository.
    • Secured Session and Data
      Activation of the offline mode is controlled by P&O access. On top of the licensing assignment, administrators can disable the offline mode for some users to avoid the extraction of data. This can be used to secure the data extraction by partners or suppliers connected to the OEM environment, for instance. When activating the offline mode, the working environment access is secured through user identification through the ENOVIA V6 credentials. ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go local environment is attached to one physical machine and cannot be transferred to different hardware.
    • Propagation of Local Changes in the Enterprise Environment
      Once the user is able to connect again to his/her ENOVIA V6 server, and to the Licensing Server distributing client licenses, he/she can deactivate ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go and switch back to the online mode. All the modifications performed locally during offline work are then propagated to the central repository and accessible to all other users.
    • Mobility duration definition
      Working with ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go is limited to 30 days (one day minimum). This period corresponds to the maximum period of time allowed for local license reservations.
    • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
      The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0 ENOVIA VPM On-The-Go supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values, which are: • Global collaborative innovation • Single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management • Online creation and collaboration • Ready to use PLM business processes • Lower cost of ownership.