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ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync

ENOVIA® Synchronicity® ProjectSync® is a Web-based project collaboration and management solution that enhances team productivity by enabling distributed team members to share ideas, bug reports, and engineering change information.

The creation of complex electronic products is not an easy proposition: design sizes are growing rapidly while development cycles are shrinking; feature sizes are reduced, requiring many additional design and verification steps and iterations; and large teams spread across multiple cities, time zones and even companies are required to manage these projects. All of these factors increase the complexity of the development process and a single miscommunication can be costly, resulting in a huge loss in time and money. ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync meets these challenges with a project-based issue management and collaboration product tailored to enhance engineering productivity by boosting collaboration at each stage in the design process.

ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync enables issues and other project collaboration information to be directly connected to design data vaulted in ENOVIA Synchronicity DesignSync Data Manager. Team members can browse the design data and easily create and connect defects to the exact versions of the design objects affected. Designer engineers are notified of issues that they are responsible for solving within the related design context. Team members can easily continue communication via email while the thread of discussion is captured and stored as part of the design record. New versions of design objects that correct the defect are also connected to the defect and are part of the history of the design.

  • Significantly boost design productivity for rapid payback and strong ROI
  • Enable collaborative development of complex electronic products between geographically distributed teams
  • Avoid costly mistakes with issue tracking and release management
  • Provide accountability and traceability through audit trail
  • Reduce time-to-market by increasing collaboration efficiency
  • Win the first-to-market advantage
  • Understand the State of a Design at a Glance
    Both the rate of change and the state of the design are displayed graphically so you have instant visibility into project status. Built-in queries show the “who, what, when and why” for each change in the design. These features add predictability and accountability into the design process.
  • Boost Team Productivity
    A flexible event and trigger system facilitates communications and process flow for increased team productivity. When a piece of information is created or modified, an “event” occurs that can trigger predefined “actions.” For example, a trigger action could include the email notification of team members when a bug report is created or changes state, and the automatic triggering of a test run when a bug is fixed. Such actions ensure that engineers are working on the correct data and are reacting to the latest development event.
  • Solve Problems and Capture Team Knowledge
    Threaded discussions capture the dialog that solved tough design issues, so that this knowledge is retained. In addition, design notes can be attached and extended throughout the life of the project. These features allow you to have this knowledge available for search, analysis and incorporation into your best practices.
  • Utilize Your Best Practices
    ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync can guide every team member to follow best design practices. An administrator can readily tailor ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync through HTML templates or TCL, C or JavaScript extensions. ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync captures progress data on every block in the design, especially changes in life cycle status. This rich project data is readily viewed and summarized for managers.
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA Synchronicity ProjectSync supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values: global collaborative innovation, single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management, online creation and collaboration, ready to use PLM business processes, and lower cost of ownership.