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Manufacturing Planners

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DELMIA Fastener Process Planning

Fastener Planning for All Industries

DELMIA Fastener Planning (BPP) provides seamless access to the product designer’s fastener definition, intuitive management of fasteners, and automatic selection of weld guns to provide collision-free access to all fasteners in a process.

BPP provides a virtual 3D environment, including shop floor resources and layout. Planners can plan, optimize, and validate the assembly and fastening process in a virtual model of the physical manufacturing setting in which the plan will be executed.

  • Shorter time to market
  • Reduced cost and risk
  • Leverage the single IP platform
    BPP is a Version 6 solution. It utilizes a single IP platform that lets product engineering and manufacturing engineering collaborate. This breakthrough technology lets users define process and system plans for designing fasteners without translation and duplication, eliminating the non-value-added tasks of data importing and synchronization. It also delivers the power of configuration and change management. The single platform supports design through implementation on the shop floor to help the enterprise move quickly from product concept to manufacturing implementation.
  • Include fasteners in the manufacturing assembly definition
    While defining manufacturing assemblies, BPP users can work directly with the fastener data authored by the product designer. Because they are using the same platform and data types, iterations between design and manufacturing planning are seamless. Planners can easily validate the manufacturing assembly against the as-designed data.
  • Visualize fasteners in 3D
    BPP gives planners a Version 6 solution and an intuitive environment to create, optimize, and validate process plans that relate to fasteners. They can visualize the fastener definition in 3D on the shop floor to get immediate understanding of the impact of planning decisions.
  • Quickly identify unassigned fasteners using assignment assistant
    A typical automobile has five to eight thousand fastener points defined by product engineering. Ensuring that every point is assigned to a process plan has been a daunting task - until now. BPP’s assignment assistant identifies unassigned fasteners for assignment to the proper process step—the first step in which all the parts joined by that fastener are present. Once that step is identified, the planner can allocate the fastener to it or to another step as circumstances dictate.
  • Ability to fix Fasten Process position in the assembly graph
    During the Planning of Fasteners, the process planner is positioning the fasteners along the assembly graph. The new function delivers the possibility for the process planner to fix Fasten processes at a specific Assembly process. The automatic function used to update fasteners planning will keep the Fasten process as a fixed place by the process planner.
  • Automatically select weld guns
    Automotive OEMs have many weld gun styles, shapes, and designs. Finding the right weld gun for a specific part, weld location, welding path, and robot can be time-consuming. BPP simplifies this task with an automatic tool selection assistant. It automatically checks the weld gun library and presents users with a list of guns that offer collision-free access to all the welds in the defined trajectory.
  • Validate accessibility for manually selected weld guns
    For times when a weld gun is selected manually from the resource library, it is still necessary for the planner to confirm that the weld gun-and-robot combination can reach all the assigned welds without collisions that could damage parts or tooling. BPP can automatically perform weld gun and robot feasibility studies so users can quickly validate manual weld gun selections.