Ergonomics Specialists

Ergonomics Specialists

Assessing the working conditions, ensuring compliance, and verifying assembly across multiple platforms

DELMIA Ergonomics Evaluation

Create and Evaluate Lifelike Manikins in Context

DELMIA Ergonomics Evaluation (EGE) is the core product for creating Version 6 Lifelike Manikins with standard anthropometry (human body dimensions). Users can place them into the Version 6 3D model and evaluate human interaction with a product or workplace. EGE delivers a wide range of manipulation and analysis tools to make ergonomics assessment accessible to all Version 6 users.

  • Integration of human factors and ergonomics requirements during workplace or product design
  • Early detection of potential ergonomic issues
  • Capture and re-use of ergonomic enterprise standards
  • Intuitive manikin creation and positioning
    EGE makes it easy to create manikins of either gender from a predefined set of populations (American, French, Canadian, Korean, Japanese), with specific stature and weight, in an immersive 3D environment. The manikin can be placed quickly in the virtual environment by dragging it to the target location or by clicking on the location.
  • Easy, intuitive manikin manipulation
    Manipulating the manikin is simple. Any part of the manikin’s body can be selected and moved using the corresponding manipulator (inverse or forward kinematics) based on the body segment selected. Users can define the way manikins efficiently reach and grasp any object. These pre-defined human skills can be re-used for similar objects in the same virtual model.
  • Ergonomics evaluation of the 3D space
    EGE users have a rich set of ergonomics assessment tools, including detailed reach envelopes, interferences, clashes, and swept volume. They can visualize the position of the center of gravity inside the base of support to verify that the manikin is in balance.
  • Customizable manikin attributes
    Users can set specific attributes for manikins. They can define loads on individual body parts, off-sets for manipulating body segments, attachments of objects on the manikin, vision and basic anthropometric parameters, as well as detailed joints posture and manikin position. These customized attributes can be copied to other manikins in the virtual model or saved in a catalog for future evaluations.
  • Manikin vision assessment
    The manikin vision assessment capability provides a separate vision window that displays the field of vision from the manikin’s eyes. The line of sight, the vision cones and the field of view can be displayed. They are customizable to simulate visual limits created by equipment such as a helmet..