CATIA V5-6R repousse les limites de l'excellence en matière de conception

Avec cette version, les avantages des fonctionnalités de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE deviennent accessibles dans une collaboration fluide avec V5-6R.


Les fonctionnalités de collaboration sociale, de gestion d'entreprise et de tableaux de bord de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE peuvent être utilisées pour prendre en charge les processus à l'aide de l'ensemble d'outils V5-6R.

Domain Objective

ENOVIA Version 5 Web-based Learning Solutions (WLS) is an easy-to-use learning and support system. It provides all the required information and training in one source for maximum assured productivity of the user community.

Extending the knowledge of ENOVIA anytime with an everyday companion The companion provides a set of learning resources, known as skillets , which are carefully designed to acquire or enhance a given skill in a short time. These skillets provide an interactive experience that includes different learning components such as show me , do it , monitored practice and quiz . The variety of components makes skillets highly adaptive to the user s learning style and preferences.

Web-based Learning Domain Overview

Continuous learning
The CATIA, ENOVIA SMARTEAM and ENOVIA VPLM Web based Learning Solutions (WLS) offers just-in-time training and information, right at the user's desktop, minimizing the requirement for standard instructor led classes. The CATIA, ENOVIA SMARTEAM and ENOVIA VPLM Web based Learning Solutions is also designed to assist formal classroom training, thereby providing a continuous learning tool from initial training to users daily work. Furthermore, as it is web base, it is ready to be used in distant e-learning environments thus allowing for the new learning strategies that companies may choose.

Easy deployment
Combining Internet/Intranet standards and client/server architecture, the CATIA, ENOVIA SMARTEAM and ENOVIA VPLM Web based Learning Solutions is very easily deployed and administered within a company and may also be installed as stand alone.

From short learning sessions ("skillets") to full courses
All CATIA, ENOVIA SMARTEAM and ENOVIA VPLM users, from occasional to expert, can benefit from the WLS products whether to learn just one new skill at a time with the 20 minutes "skillet" approach (i.e. the skill learning applet) or a whole new workbench with the course approach. Fundamentals and Advanced courses are available for most of the products as well as update courses and an exercise database.

Open for company customization
Thanks to the WLS product called Companion Development Studio, companies can customize the standard WLS products by changing or adding their own exercises for example or even developing their own courses focusing on their specific methodologies.

To get best benefits of CATIA, ENOVIA SMARTEAM and ENOVIA VPLM products in your own language
Each product of the Web based Learning Solutions (WLS) includes the User Companion Desktop that is required to display the learning resources (see more details). Each WLS product gives access to a given set of courses corresponding to a common CATIA or ENOVIA VPLM Configuration. Each course is focusing on how to use and get best benefits of a given CATIA product. The most requested courses are translated in German, Japanese and French

Web-based Learning Solutions Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3