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Avec cette version, les avantages des fonctionnalités de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE deviennent accessibles dans une collaboration fluide avec V5-6R.


Les fonctionnalités de collaboration sociale, de gestion d'entreprise et de tableaux de bord de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE peuvent être utilisées pour prendre en charge les processus à l'aide de l'ensemble d'outils V5-6R.

SMARTEAM - Navigator (NVR)
To strengthen business processes by enabling remote personnel everywhere to participate in secure and comprehensive web-based product lifecycle collaboration through standard Internet browsers.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

SMARTEAM Navigator utilizes standard web technologies to provide local and remote company users working on multi-platforms, with access to collaborative Product Lifecycle Management through standard Internet browsers in a dynamic and secure environment from anywhere.

Whether within the enterprise inside the corporate LAN, or dispersed in remote locations, across the corporate firewall using a WAN, SMARTEAM Navigator users can access, search, view and annotate engineering and office type documents multiple documents revisions. In this manner, users can easily track product data, improve worldwide collaboration and decision-making.

Regardless of geographical location, or operating system in use, design team members can have access to corporate information, and participate in workflow processes (through SMARTEAM Workflow) at any time.

This product is available through the SMARTEAM Navigator Configuration (SNV) only.

Product Highlights

Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management
  • A light-weight, read-only web-based Product Lifecycle Management solution
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Solution-centric cockpits
  • Product Structure and Configuration Management Support
  • Robust search mechanisms in SMARTEAM database and vaults
  • Multiple display options for ease of navigation allow simple and custom browsing capabilities access to the SMARTEAM repositories
  • Powerful viewing capabilities with support for many popular file formats
  • Supports local and remote participation in workflow processes (through SMARTEAM Workflow)

Easy Deployment, Administration, Security and Customization
  • Supports server-based customizations
  • Easy server implementation and thin client technology
  • Standard technology utilization supports both Windows and Unix Web browsers
  • Adheres to standard web security in addition to SMARTEAM security mechanisms
  • Web Services firewall-friendly implementation
  • Multi-lingual Support Full NLS Support
  • Section 508 accessibility requirements support

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Strengthens business processes through product information collaboration
  • Enhances collaboration and document control management, to save valuable document search time
  • Offers a method for centralizing and consolidating of frequently changed data
  • Eliminates costly delays in information access, by providing real-time, enterprise-wide access to the latest data at all times
  • Enables process participation amongst distributed teams
  • Intuitive, friendly GUI; easy to learn
  • Single level BOM editing capability over the Web
  • Rapidly implemented through thin-client technology
  • Rapidly implemented and easily customized
  • Reduces costs of ownership (through use of web-based thin client)
  • Supports a variety of Web servers and client browsers to meet customer demands for deployment flexibility