CATIA V5-6R repousse les limites de l'excellence en matière de conception

Avec cette version, les avantages des fonctionnalités de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE deviennent accessibles dans une collaboration fluide avec V5-6R.


Les fonctionnalités de collaboration sociale, de gestion d'entreprise et de tableaux de bord de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE peuvent être utilisées pour prendre en charge les processus à l'aide de l'ensemble d'outils V5-6R.

To automate the creation, collaboration and management of Configurable Items, Product Structures and Bill of Materials (BOMs) across multiple disciplines throughout the enterprise and across the value chain
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

  • Provide a common base for product structure information
  • Increase productivity via common and shared engineering processes
  • Maintain integrity and accuracy of product-related information
  • Ensure engineering product visibility, control and performance
  • Accelerate cross-department business processes and collaboration
  • Improve product quality and product offering
  • Align configuration management capabilities with international engineering standards and methodologies, such as EIA-649 for Configuration Management, CMII requirements and other known engineering regulations.

SMARTEAM - BOM enables users to manage, manipulate, track and collaborate on product structures and Bills of Material (BOM) throughout the product lifecycle and across the extended enterprise and the supply chain - from an Item and Bills of Material (BOM)-centric approach, thus eliminating Item redundancy, minimizing errors, and expediting processes.

By addressing collaborative engineering and complex engineering configuration management and supply chain collaboration scenarios, SMARTEAM BOM enables users to monitor, filter and view product structures and BOMs from as early as an As Estimated BOM of requirements, systems and functions, through As Designed BOM of Configuration Items and engineering design, until the As Built BOM of production Items .

Revolutionary, flexible, configurable and dynamic Item lifecycle and revision management rules that are based on a Go-to State engine enable engineers to manage complex product structures through corporate-adjusted item states, such as Design-for-Prototype , Release-for-Planning , or Release-for-Mass Production . Users can compare and validate product content, and ensure fast and optimized "Design-to-Order" and other product development processes, already originated from ENOVIA SMARTEAM diverse, multi-CAD Integrations.

Enhanced Structure Management and Multiple Views functionality, which are the basis for object trees configuration handling, provide users with efficient Impact Analysis control across a variety of complex product configurations, and ensure traceability during engineering change processes.

Powerful, embedded BOM Editor accelerates users productivity while managing BOM processes by providing an easy-to-use and flexible work environment

Product Highlights

  • Collaborative Product Structure Management throughout the Enterprise and across the supply Chain
  • Comprehensive Item management
  • Product Structure and Configuration Management
  • Product Structure Effectivity Management
  • Easy creation of initial BOM from CAD environment and based on CAD data representation (Document Structure)
  • Easy and efficient BOM view and manipulation
  • Various BOM views - Multi level, Single Level and Summary views
  • Advanced compare tools enable to compare different product structures, different revisions or product structure to CAD document structure
  • Links management between documents and items
  • Copy product structure to a new item or consolidate any 2-product structures
  • Search items within SMARTEAM database
  • Export to Excel
  • Administration Wizard defining the BOM environment
  • Advanced customization tools
  • Complete BOM management tool integrated within SMARTEAM Editor

Product Key Customer Benefits

R&D cost reduction and shorter time-to-market
SMARTEAM - BOM optimizes BOM management processes and provides a reach set of tools for data manipulating, and reuse of existing items stored inside the ENOVIA SMARTEAM database. For locating existing items, users can use all of SMARTEAM search tools from within a SMARTEAM - BOM view or enter an item number (SMARTEAM - BOM completes item numbers automatically).

Complete lifecycle management
SMARTEAM BOM includes pre-defined item behaviors, which include specific item attributes, lifecycle states and lifecycle business rules, thus maintaining data integrity throughout the BOM cycle. A BOM can be located either by specifying its revision or by filtering the BOM by dates. SMARTEAM - BOM supports object effectivity and structure effectivity.

Enabler rapid adjustment to market trends leverage Partnership
SMARTEAM - BOM consolidation tool enable users to compare two Bill of Materials versions received from different suppliers (for example cost of item inside a BOM) in order to optimize supply chain sources, get better products at cheaper production costs.