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CATIA - Automotive Body-In-White Fastening 3 (ABF)
Design Body in White fasteners in the context of automotive assembly.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA - Automotive Body-In-White Fastening 3 (ABF) is dedicated to the design of Automotive Body In White Fasteners. It supports Welding technologies and mechanical clinching, along with Adhesives, Sealers, and Mastics.

The user is provided with intuitive tools to create and manage Spot like Fasteners. The user can switch, if needed from a 3D Point shape definition to a 3D hemispherical shape specification. In addition to placing the fasteners, reports can be issued from the application in order to list : Fastener location coordonates and the Joined parts properties at each fastener location: crossed thicknesses and flange materials, flanges normals, joined parts stacking order,....

The CATIA V5 generative feature infrastructure enables the associative update of fasteners feature placement from a Part design change (modification of the flange shape, flange thickness or material property) or Assembly structure change (Move Joined parts, Replace joined part). CATIA - Automotive BiW Fastening 3 can be cooperatively used with other current or future applications of CATIA Version 5 like part design, assembly design.

Product Highlights

  • Supports Fasteners parameters set-up file customizable according to customer company standards
  • Enable Spot fasteners placement and shape definition
  • Welding, Adhesive, Sealant, Clinching Process types support
  • Easy Assignment of Fastener attributes from standard set-up file
  • Associative Fastener location update from joined part design change
  • Enables collaborative engineering/manufacturing work
  • Ensures opening with customer proprietary tools via a neutral ASCII text exchange format
  • Includes an intuitive, task-optimized, user interface
  • Provides native integration with other CATIA Version 5 applications

Product Key Customer Benefits

Tools Dedicated to Automotive Joining technologies
CATIA Automotive BiW Fastening 3 product is dedicated to the design of BiW fasteners joining thin automotive sheetmal parts. The Application workbench commands are packaged into Toolbars matching the usual Automotive Joining technologies: Welding, Adhesives, Sealers and Mastics, BiW Mechanical fasteners. This process based approach offers a highly productive and intuitive Fastener design workflow. During this design work, engineering and manufacturing fasteners parameters are taken into account, and several positioning methods are provided for spot like fasteners: On surface, From Curve On Support,...The created fasteners can be grouped to connect a set of functional contact zones specified on the parts to join. Whenever a fastener is inserted, the Product can be updated.

Feature Based Fastener Modeling
CATIA ABF provides BiW specific Spot like fasteners most commonly used in the automotive industry: Welds Points, Adhesives Drops, Sealant Thumbable, Clinch Point. The fasteners are created into a CATIA CATProduct document, at the Assembly level of the common node of the Joined Parts instances Product path elements.

Associative Fasteners update from Part Design change
The specification of the fastener location can be generated on the fly, from the user selection of external geometry references issued from the Joined Parts: a support surface, a surface edge, a reference point,...Whenever the location, shape or properties (surface material or thickness) of the reference is changed, the fastener location is updated automatically along with the information (connected parts thicknesses and materials) provided. Hence, such an associative and integrated fastener design process delivers benefits not only for product development, but also for the industrial process.

Compliant with industry Standards
For each general Joining technology ( Welding, Adhesive, Sealant, ...) specific process types can be specified into the application parameters standard set-up file. For each process type, the company administrator can narrows the list of CATIA Fasteners standard attributes to the attributes that are relevant. For each relevant attribute, a set of company pre-defined values can be set-up.

Intuitive User Interface
CATIA ABF offers the standard Windows interface. Fasteners parameters can be set by using combo editors providing the list of company Standard pre-defined values. Fasteners shape represenation is a symbolic point or a symbolic wire-frame depending on the shape definition of the fastener which can be a point or an hemisphere. Specific graphics symbol can be assigned to each process type. The 3D visualization of this symbol enables to separate easily the different fastener process technologies.

Integrated With Other CATIA Version 5 Applications
CATIA Automotive BiW Fastening 3 is natively integrated with other CATIA Version 5 applications. For instance, users have the ability to retrieve the hemming properties from ABF directly in the form of finite elements in CATIA - Generative Assembly Structural Analysis 2 (GAS). The integration between ABF and analysis tools offers a extensive and competitive coverage of body in white process. Thanks to its compatibility with the CATIA - FAR application, ABF empowers the "3D Master" process coverage to facilitate and drive the documentation production.