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CATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition 2 (PKT)
Create interactively intelligent feature, part and assembly Templates that encapsulate geometry and know-how for maximum secured reuse through CATIA - Product Knowledge Template 1 (KT1).
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

CATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition 2 (PKT) allows users to easily and interactively capture engineering know-how and methodology for highly efficient reuse. PKT helps organizations share best practices and avoid duplication of effort due to the inability to reuse existing designs because they are too complex or difficult to understand. This can all be achieved without the need for skilled programming resources, ensuring that all engineers can instead participate in knowledge sharing and capture activities within the organization.

For organizations working within extended supply chains, this allows the delivery of design data to partner organizations without exposing the embedded intellectual capital of design methodology or rules. Partners are, however, still able to capitalize on this embedded knowledge.

CATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition 2 (PKT) allows the interactive creation of feature, part and assembly templates which encapsulate geometry specifications, associated parameters and relations (knowledge) for associative reuse.

The Product Knowledge Template solution is divided into a buildtime product, CATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition 2 (PKT), and a runtime solution, CATIA - Product Knowledge Template 1 (KT1).

Product Highlights

  • Interactive creation of intelligent Product Knowledge Templates.
  • Editing and maintenance of Product Knowledge Templates.
  • Product Knowledge Templates management.
  • Scripting templates for a complete solution.
  • Ability to create, modify and delete geometry publication ( make geometrical features available to different users.)

Product Key Customer Benefits

Interactive Creation of intelligent Product Knowledge Templates...
ATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition 2 (PKT) is applicable for all designers and engineers who need to capture design data and methodologies for multiple reuse scenarios across projects, or in the definition of highly customizable intelligent template catalogs to encapsulate corporate standards.

Templates can be extracted from existing feature, part and assembly designs or created specifically. They can contain not only geometry, but also any associated parameters or relations, including embedded intelligence of design rules, design tables and checks, providing the ability to encapsulate the specifications of sophisticated adaptive features. Only the CATIA - Product Knowledge Template 1 (KT1) product is necessary to use these templates.

Editing and maintenance of Product Knowledge Templates...

The management of captured knowledge is facilitated through the ability to edit and maintain templates in the same easy and intuitive, interactive way used to modify any CATIA part design. This requires no programming skill and allows templates to be easily adapted to the changing requirements of the organization, accommodating improved methodologies or changed legislative or customer requirements.

Product Knowledge Templates management ...

Once defined, these intelligent, adaptive templates can be shared across the extended enterprise through catalogs. These templates can be as well managed within the Engineering Hub, through ENOVIA V5 VPM, giving users all the power of our PLM solution in terms of data management, collaboration and concurrent engineering. This facilitates standardization of design methodologies and capture of corporate knowledge capital, without the need for advanced programming skills. For reuse, a defined Product Knowledge Template offers the end user a single entity, with a predefined set of inputs, for maximum understanding and ease of use.

Scripting templates for a complete solution...

CATIA Product Knowledge Templates 2 provides a scripting language, enabling full design specification and generation. Using a simple and declarative language, the user can describe (in text format) geometric specifications, transformation and positioning specifications (including assembly constraints), and knowledge specifications. Moreover, to keep the creation of scripts simple, powerful Knowledge Templates can be used as any script objects.

Enable large deployment of User Define Feature...

Thanks to the ability to modify the User Define Feature (UDF) reference that strengthens the continuous development process and enable opening and closing of UDF when instantiated, customer can securely create and deploy their UDF within their enterprise. The system keeps the ability to manage IP protection between OEM and supplier chain while preserving industrial usage within the company.