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DELMIA DPM Assembly Process Planner (APN)
DELMIA Assembly Process Planner assists process planners in authoring assembly operations and resulting manufacturing assemblies.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA Assembly Process Planner assists process planners in creating manufacturing assembly process plans rapidly with easy-to-use tools. Planners can use the engineering Bill of Materials or a manufacturing assembly template to create the initial process and resulting manufacturing assembly structure. An Assembly Spec Tree editor provides visualization of the manufacturing assembly structure which can then be quickly refined with intuitive drag and-drop capabilities for parts and fasteners.

The included Assignment assistant tool provides a graphical 3D view for distributing parts and fasteners across manufacturing assemblies. Additional tools provided with the Assignment Assistant can be used to validate manufacturing assembly by identifying valid parts and joining fasteners.

Product Highlights

Automatic creation of assembly process and resulting manufacturing assembly structure from an engineering BOM or a manufacturing assembly template.

Automatic update of manufacturing assemblies during assignment/reassignment of parts, fasteners and assemblies.

Tools to help the user in distributing parts and fasteners across manufacturing assemblies and for validating the manufacturing assembly

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Easy to use authoring of product manufacturing plans in 3D environment
  • Capability to validate plan to assure early feedback to design with upfront assembly feasibility study
  • Scalable solution that supports integration with DELMIA Process Engineer

Allows customers to author and validate their product manufacturing plans...
This offering from DELMIA allows customers to create and validate their product manufacturing plans well in advance of production. Upfront assembly feasibility study in 3D provides early feedback to design prior to production, leading to enhanced productivity.

Provides concurrent engineering through PPR Hub...
DELMIA DPM Assembly Process Planner provides concurrent engineering through the Manufacturing Hub. The Manufacturing Hub is a pipeline that allows collaborative and concurrent engineering throughout a product's lifecycle. In essence, the Manufacturing Hub enables individuals responsible for the various engineering tasks associated with both Product Design and Manufacturing Process Planning to have access to data generated by others. By leveraging the benefits of the Manufacturing Hub, engineers use data that is relevant and always current.

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