CATIA V5-6R repousse les limites de l'excellence en matière de conception

Avec cette version, les avantages des fonctionnalités de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE deviennent accessibles dans une collaboration fluide avec V5-6R.


Les fonctionnalités de collaboration sociale, de gestion d'entreprise et de tableaux de bord de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE peuvent être utilisées pour prendre en charge les processus à l'aide de l'ensemble d'outils V5-6R.

ENOVIA - VPM Navigator (VPN)
ENOVIA VPM Navigator provides you with the ability to search, navigate, build design context and collaborate on the V5 product information centralized in the Engineering Hub using the easy and productive CATIA V5 environment.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

All designer s tasks, relative to V5 virtual product information, are directly available within the CATIA V5 environment with ENOVIA - VPM Navigator. Engineers benefit from centralized access to the Engineering Hub to navigate on the product content and efficiently build their design context. Concurrent access to common information, change notifications and instant connectivity promote collaboration within the community.

Intuitive access to the Engineering Hub from VPM Navigator is completed by a new generation of breakthrough products, such as VPM Configured Product Design [CGP] and VPM Relational Design [RLD]. VPM Navigator provides a powerful single desktop for product designers that contribute to a lean and efficient development process leading to innovative products.

Product Highlights

>Provides a single desktop for designers to search & navigate on product reference
>Simplifies design environment building from the configured product
>Promotes real-time communication between designers

Product Key Customer Benefits

Provides a single desktop for designers to search & navigate on product reference

VPM Navigator provides a simple and secured access to the V5 product reference information. All VPM Navigator capabilities are available via CATIA workbenches providing a common feeling to CATIA users. All information from the product reference managed by ENOVIA V5 can be found from easy but comprehensive query capabilities. Designers can navigate on the product structures to be directly informed on the current status, properties or concurrent usage to all parts. It allows designers to focus on the creative aspect of their job while ensuring that the corporate standards for Virtual Product Development Management are being followed.

Simplifies design environment building from the configured product

VPM Navigator drastically reduces the number of steps required to build a design context. It provides flexible and powerful methods to build a context from the structure or from a 3D representation of the product. Volume search, part proximity, attributes filtering or product configuration or any combination of these can be performed. This context, built directly from the complete & real-time configured product reference, leads directly to the product exactness, avoiding errors when designing due to unknown context.

Promotes real-time communication between designers

VPM Navigator boosts time cycle for development as it delivers, real time communication tools for the design community. Designers can subscribe to be informed, in real-time, of design changes on any part: they are more reactive to modifications done by their peers. With instant connectivity tools, such as awareness or chat, engineers can communicate easily and spontaneously within working groups for concurrent design and reviews. When used in a client/server mode, connectivity takes benefits from standard communication robust solutions and connects V5 designers to the full extended enterprise, directly from CATIA.