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DELMIA - PPR Editor 2 (PRR)
DELMIA PPR Editor provides basic authoring capabilities in the PPR Navigator environment.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA PPR Editor is an add-on product which provides tools to allow process planners basic authoring capabilities on PPR data. These capabilities include creating processes, deleting processes, relating processes to products and resources, initiate process planning for a product or resource, editing attributes of PPR data, deleting the detailing saved on a process or resource in the PPR Navigator environment.

There is no dedicated workbench for this product, the commands are only available through DELMIA PPR Manufacturing Hub Navigator (PRM) when the license is activated.

DELMIA PPR Editor allows process planners to perform some basic authoring on processes. The planners can create new processes, create new relations between processes and products/resources and delete processes as necessary. In the initial stages, the planners can initiate process planning for a product/resource by using the command to create a new process associated with the product/resource and load that process into the DELMIA DPM Product and Resource Definition (PRP) authoring context to start planning.

DELMIA PPR Editor allows planners to delete unwanted intermediate detailings that may have been saved on the process/resource in DELMIA DPM Product and Resource Definition (PRP) product, while iterating to arrive at a final detailed specification.

Planners can also edit and modify the attributes on PPR data in DELMIA PPR Editor.

Product Highlights

  • DELMIA PPR Editor provides commands to manage authoring in the PPR Navigator environment.
  • Quickly start process planning for a product or resource. PPR Editor provides the following capabilities in a single command:
    • Create a new process
    • Associate the created process to the selected product/resource through the relation chosen
    • Load the newly created process and its linked data in DELMIA DPM Product and Resource Definition (PRP) product through process centric load
  • Create links from processes creating new relations between selected processes and selected products or resources.
  • Delete detailing data saved on processes or resources or delete processes.
  • Edit attributes of PPR data

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Provide basic authoring capabilities in the PPR Navigator environment by allowing users to author data (processes and relations from process) in the Navigator context itself (without entering the DELMIA DPM authoring context).
  • Provide users the ability to initiate process planning for a product/resource from the Navigator context
  • Allow users to delete unwanted detailing saved against processes and resources. This will lead to better management of the process/resource and more efficient use of database space.
  • Allows users to edit attributes of PPR Data.
  • Allows users to delete processes/resources