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DELMIA - PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management 2 (PRL)
DELMIA PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management provides tools to manage the life cycle of a resource's alternatives.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management provides tools to create and manage the life cycle of resource alternatives at the resource level. A resource's alternatives allow an assembly planner to find the best or cheapest manufacturing solution for a product assembly.

DELMIA PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management enables the user to manage resource alternatives thus allowing the user to evaluate different options for a resource (e.g. line). It allows users to create resource alternatives quickly from existing resources and lines. Users can change the identifiers set on resource alternatives, delete resource alternatives, and change the planning state of an alternative. It also allows the user to filter alternatives.

For example, suppose the planner has already defined the line to produce the assembly. The planner then wants to produce the same assembly in a different way; for this reason the planner copies the entire line structure and this new line is called an alternative. The planner differentiates between the alternatives by means of an identifier specified at the time of creation of the alternative. The planner can create various alternatives of resources (line, station etc.) that suit various needs such as different technology implemented on the line like spot welding instead of arc welding.

DELMIA PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management supports supplier integration within a resource-centric Body In White (BIW) workflow. This capability allows OEMs and suppliers to exchange manufacturing hub data in an automated easy-to-use manner in distributed deployments of DELMIA BiW solutions.

There is no dedicated workbench for this product, the commands are only available through contextual menu s on resources in DELMIA PPR Manufacturing Hub Navigator (PRM) when the license is activated.

Product Highlights

PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management allows users to
  • Create and delete alternatives of an existing resource
  • Mark alternative (change the identifier set) of a resource alternative
  • Change the planning state (promote) of a resource
  • Filter resource alternatives
  • Create a supplier project starting with a list of resources
  • Merge selected resources from the supplier project back into the original OEM project as new alternatives.

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Manage resource alternatives life cycle in the PPR Navigator environment.

  • Alternatives allow the user to quickly study the different possible manufacturing solutions for a product assembly to find the best or most cost effective solution.