CATIA V5-6R repousse les limites de l'excellence en matière de conception

Avec cette version, les avantages des fonctionnalités de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE deviennent accessibles dans une collaboration fluide avec V5-6R.


Les fonctionnalités de collaboration sociale, de gestion d'entreprise et de tableaux de bord de la plate-forme 3DEXPERIENCE peuvent être utilisées pour prendre en charge les processus à l'aide de l'ensemble d'outils V5-6R.

Analysis Solutions

Optimize product performance faster with integrated design analysis in CATIA.

Domain Objective

CATIA V5 Analysis provides realistic design simulation capability within the CATIA design environment, allowing designers to perform analysis directly on their master reference model in CATIA. Since there is no transfer of geometry, data integrity issues are avoided. The generative capability of the CATIA Analysis product suite enables design-analysis iterations to be performed rapidly from simple parts to complex assemblies. Unbeatable ease of use makes CATIA Analysis particularly suitable for designers looking to accurately size their designs and quickly evaluate their real-world performance.

For information on basic nonlinear and thermal analysis capabilities for CATIA V5 users, please visit the SIMULIA V5 latest release website

Analysis Domain Overview

User-friendly environment
CATIA Analysis provides designers and analysts with an intuitive user interface that meets their varied needs. Since the user interface is a natural extension of that in CATIA, it is particularly easy for CATIA users. They obtain a realistic understanding of the mechanical behavior by quickly reviewing design characteristics in a digital mockup (DMU) environment. The CATIA V5 tools and environment that are common to all CATIA applications, Abaqus for CATIA, and partner solutions, eliminate the problem of lost productivity associated with using multiple applications.

Fast design-analysis loops
CATIA Analysis is an integral part of CATIA. The analysis specifications are an extension of the part and assembly design specifications, and the analysis is performed directly on the CATIA geometry. It is, therefore, simple and convenient to perform an analysis to help size parts and compare the performance of different design alternatives. The impact of design changes can be rapidly assessed with automatic updates. Designers using CATIA Analysis will naturally use analysis as part of their design process, affording them a greater understanding of how their designs perform and improving their ability to deliver the right design the first time.

Multidiscipline collaboration
CATIA Analysis supports concurrent engineering, allowing users to work closely together and avoid rework. Designers and analysts can collaborate since they have access to the same environment, eliminating data transfer, rework, and the need to maintain multiple applications for design and analysis. The CATIA Analysis environment also allows method developers to create templates that designers can routinely use to perform standard types of analysis.

Knowledge-based optimization
The CATIA Analysis products leverage the native CATIA knowledge-based architecture. They allow designs to be optimized by capturing and studying the knowledge associated with part design and analysis. The reuse of analysis features and the application of knowledge-based rules and checks ensure compliance to company best practices. Automation of standard analysis processes through the use of knowledgeware templates dramatically improves the efficiency of the design-analysis process.

Industry-proven performance
The speed with which analyses can be performed with CATIA Analysis often surprises designers and simulation experts familiar with other applications. The time it takes to create the finite element model, solve it, and display results can be a matter of minutes. The robust, built-in finite element solver and mesh generators balance both accuracy and speed. The adaptive meshing capability automatically adjusts the mesh to obtain accurate results without time-consuming manual involvement.

Analysis Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
Nonlinear Structural Analysis   ANL  
Thermal Analysis   ATH  
Generative Part Structural Analysis GP1 GPS  
Generative Assembly Structural Analysis   GAS  
Generative Dynamic Response Analysis   GDY  
CATIA-Elfini Structural Analysis   EST  
FEM Surface   FMS  
FEM Solid   FMD