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ENOVIA VPM Volume Computation

ENOVIA®VPM Volume Computation provides the ability to create alternate representations of products or assemblies for size reduction or for the creation of geometry creation better suited to specific contexts.

ENOVIA VPM Volume Computation creates accurate reduced representations of parts or assemblies by keeping their external representation only. Users can generate simplified representations of parts ensuring confidentiality protection when communicating with suppliers. Further design is facilitated by performing space reservation through swept volume which can also be used for clash detection. Finally, all generated representations can be managed easily by saving and reusing them for productive digital review and analysis.

ENOVIA VPM Volume Computation enables the user to handle digital mock-ups of all sizes in industries as various as consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, energy, shipbuilding or heavy machinery. It enables greater productivity for digital review and analysis with a comprehensive set of commands and unique set of functions to optimize the size and number of files that can be manipulated at any stage of the review. Security of confidential intellectual property (IP) is protected by replacing geometrically accurate parts with simplified external representations. Users can create representations of products or assemblies which are adapted to specific review tasks. ENOVIA VPM Volume Computation enables users to perform potentially complicated and time consuming verifications on products easily and with fewer actions.

  • Generate lighter representations of parts by simplifying meshes to a user-selectable level of accuracy
  • Generate simplified external representations of parts ensuring confidentiality protection when communicating with suppliers
  • Perform space reservation by generating the swept volume of a moving part
  • Optimize digital mock-up management through the combination of ENOVIA Volume Computation commands tailored to meet the user’s specific needs
  • Manage the different representations by saving and reusing them for productive digital review and analysis
  • Mesh Simplification for Lightweight Representations
    The mesh simplification function allows users to select a part or an assembly and simplify it through an additional tessellation in order to generate a light external envelope of the part or assembly. The extent of the simplification is user-controllable and the resulting representation is a unique volume. Thanks to this simplification functionality, users can easily manage the file size against the precision of the representation and thus drastically reduce the size of their assemblies. The user can directly access this command from the wrapping command to obtain the lightest part representation desired. By providing instantaneous simplification, storage of any intermediate results is avoided. In addition, it provides a powerful help to wrapping in order to obtain an ultra light alternate representation.
  • Simplified External Representations for Sensitive Data
    The wrapping function allows users to select a part or a set of parts and wrap it by applying an additional tessellation. This generates a lightweight external envelope of the selected part, a unique volume-typed solid, for situations where the outer aspect need not be identical to the original one. With this functionality, the user can roughly reserve space for a component not completely designed yet. The user can protect confidential information by replacing accurate parts with a simplified representation when sending information to partners. Additionally this feature can be used to drastically reduce the size of an assembly for improved productivity when reviewing a mock-up. The level of tessellation is selectable, enabling the user to manage file size against precision of the wrapped representation.
  • Swept Volume Generation of a Moving Part for Space Reservation
    ENOVIA VPM Volume Computation generates the swept volume of a moving part using a simulation defined by the user. This function allows the user to perform space reservation early in the process of assembly design, but also can be used for clash detection to ensure that a moving part will not come into contact with another part of the assembly at any time. The number of pre-defined positions stored in the simulation can be reduced according to a controlled decrease of the final computation accuracy. This leads to a quicker computation and more lightweight representation of the swept volume. The swept volume function is fully integrated into the simulation environment results are linked to simulation output. Thus, a change in the simulation parameters will be propagated to the associated swept volume representation.
  • Manage Different Representations for Productive Design Review and Analysis
    The generated shapes are standard representations and are opened directly in the application window. They can be saved or exported as any other representation. The representations can be created immediately under the currently active product structure or can be created separately. Depending on their needs, the user can perform usual digital review and analysis, either on the original shape or on one of its computed representations.
  • The role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA VPM Volume Computation supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values: global collaboration innovation, single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management, online creation and collaboration, ready to use PLM business processes, and lower cost of ownership.