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Over the past five decades, technology has radically changed the world we live in.  We at CSC have responded by developing smart, technology-enabled solutions to solve our clients' toughest challenges, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and our passion for exceeding expectations. We are often asked, "What is it that you do?" Our answer is simple... we do amazing things that help solve technically complex, mission-critical challenges.  We have remained at the forefront of our business because we have understood how to use technology change and innovation to deliver value to our clients. Visit us at to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Systems Integrator (SI)

Value proposition

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an environment — not an application. PLM is the process of adopting a whole lifecycle perspective of the product from ideation through concept, detail design, procurement, production, support and finally through to disposal of the product. PLM is the critical backbone of the enterprise, especially for those companies where  product is their life blood for success.

Establishing a PLM environment begins with how a company goes to market, i.e., Design to Order, Make to Order, Make to Stock, Assemble to Order, and/or Build to Order. It is about creating top down design of a business optimized to define, implement and support a product throughout its lifecycle and enabled by best in class application and technical infrastructures.

Successful PLM environments require a shift from current functional optimization of processes to through lifecycle optimization. To achieve the desired business results this means globalization of core processes, organizational key performance measures, and information transparency across all networks relevant to the product.


Proven as Partners

Our approach to PLM solution delivery integrates change across six business domains: process, organization, location, data, applications and technology.

This structured and holistic approach to PLM implementation, in conjunction with our specific PLM business domain knowledge, has positioned us to partner with many Fortune 500 companies to realize large-scale PLM transformations.  These corporations have partnered with CSC to achieve significant business value enabled by PLM process and technology change.


A Range of Solutions

CSC has extensive experience implementing PLM solutions across multiple solutions sets. We understand your industry. We understand your business processes and how to improve them. CSC is active in the aerospace and defense, automotive, transportation, chemical, energy, gas, consumer products, financial services, government, health care and retail industries. And, as a Systems Integrator, we have an in-depth command of the enabling technologies: hardware, software and infrastructure.


The CSC PLM Services Portfolio

  • Consulting Services: Value planning, business case development, program and project management, data migration, and end-to-end PLM implementation.

  • Application Services:Application architecture design, software configuration and customization, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

  • Infrastructure & Hosting Services: Cloud computing, on premise hosting (CATRackTM), Help desk management, information security and assurance, and platform deployment and support.


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