Scripting 3D XML Player

This task shows you how to script 3D XML Player in a web browser.

This task includes:

How to use Automation APIs

3D XML Player can interact with its container (Web browser or Office document). Communication between the the 3D XML Player and its container is enabled thanks to:

  • the use of an exposed API in the controlled application (the 3D XML Player)
  • the use of a language, used by the controlling application (i.e. the web browser) to send the commands to the controlled application (the 3D XML Player). This language mostly depends upon the user choice and the limitations of the controlling application (i.e. the web browser). It could be: VBScript or Java Script.

Controlling Application can be any application in which the 3D XML Player can be embedded that also supports Java Script or VB Script like languages. It is then possible to launch actions in the 3D XML Player from an hosting application and to receive interaction from the Player. These abilities allow the 3D XML Player to do the followings:

From an application to the 3D XML Player (e.g. after a click in a web page text):

  • Highlight a product or a part
  • Set a transparent color on the non-selected objects
  • Reframe on the selection
  • etc.

From the 3D XML Player to an application (interaction caught by a web page, for example):

  • Inform of the selection of product / part
  • etc.

For details about the objects and methods to use in the script, please refer to the documentation installed with the 3D XML Player at {INSTALL_DIRECTORY}\Dassault Systemes\3D XML Player\intel_a\code\bin\X3DAutomation.chm (where INSTALL_DIRECTORY is the path to the 3D XML Player installation directory).

Automation Requirements

The call to the API only works if the 3D XML Player has been successfully installed.

The controlling application must support and authorize the automation of ActiveX control.

The automation API manages only one API call at a time and works only if a .3dxml file was successfully loaded in the 3D XML Player.

If you are experiencing troubles using Automation (e.g. wrong API signatures), it may be lead to the caching of the DS3DXMLPlayerPluginLib by Office applications. In order to solve this, you will need to delete the following files:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Temp\Word<WORD_VERSION>\DS3DXMLPlayerPluginLib.exd (for Word )
  • C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Temp\ PPT<POWERPOINT_VERSION>\DS3DXMLPlayerPluginLib.exd (for PowerPoint)