Integrating 3D XML Player in Applications

This task answers frequently asked questions concerning integrating 3D XML Player in applications.

Office integration samples

You can find Office integration samples at the following address:

Are you performing a drag & drop in the right office application?

Only Microsoft Word and PowerPoint application support the Drag & Drop of 3D XML document.

Do you have abnormal memory consumption when activating 3D XML Player inside PowerPoint?

An abnormal memory consumption may occur at each activation of 3D XML Player inside PowerPoint. If it is the case, close your current PowerPoint document and reopen it.

Does my web server require a MIME type for 3D XML?

To access the 3D XML files displayed on your web site, a MIME type has to be configured on the web server for 3D XML. For this, you have to register on the server the .3dxml extension as "application/octet-stream" type.