Installation and Prerequisites

This task answers frequently asked questions concerning installation and prerequisites.

If the 3D XML player does not install, check 3D XML Player prerequisites and Internet Explorer security settings

Some applications may need to be installed prior to installing 3D XML Player. Microsoft XML parser needs to be installed (Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0 on 32-bit and Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 - x64 version on 64-bit). On 64-bit you may also need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64). Verify that you are in agreement with the 3D XML Player usage license. Modify your Internet Security options to authorize ActiveX execution when using it in Internet Explorer web browser.

Does your computer have a Pentium II (or equivalent) or higher with at least 64 MB of RAM?

Move or minimize windows to access the My Computer icon on your desktop. Right-click My Computer and choose Properties to see if your computer meets minimum system requirements for the 3D XML Player. To run 3D XML Player content properly, you need at least a Pentium II processor and 64 MB of RAM.

Are you using Microsoft Windows?

3D XML Player is currently available for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Is Mac OS supported?

Mac OS is not supported.

3D XML Player installed by user A cannot be launched by user B.

3D XML Player uses a per-user installation, i.e. it has to be installed for each individual user. (The main advantage is that Admin privileges are not necessary when installing the product.)

If you're using Windows, do you have OpenGL support?

A Microsoft implementation of OpenGL libraries, delivered with Windows, is required. To have the 3D XML Player working properly, make sure that these libraries have not been modified.

Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later)?

To know the version of Microsoft Internet Explorer: From the Help menu in your web browser, choose About Internet Explorer. If you do not have the version 4.0 or later, please update Internet Explorer.

Are you using Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (or later)?

To know the version of Mozilla Firefox: From the Help menu in your web browser, choose About Mozilla Firefox. If you do not have the version 1.5 or later, please update Mozilla Firefox.

Does your computer have a graphics card with 3D acceleration?

A graphic adapter with 3D OpenGL accelerator is required. Note that graphic performance on local transformations (panning, zooming, rotating model) will depend on the selected graphic adapter. To check that your Graphic Card acceleration is used: - Right click your desktop and select Properties from the Menu - Select Settings/Advanced/Troubleshooting - Set “Hardware Acceleration” to Full

Do you have the latest drivers for your 3D graphics accelerator card?

For Windows XP, from the Start Menu, choose Run. In the dialog box that appears, type "DxDiag" (without quotation marks). The DirectX Diagnostic Tool application should launch. The manufacturer of your 3D graphics accelerator card will be displayed on the Display tab.

Is your monitor set to display 16- or 32-bit color?

From the Start Menu, choose Settings/Control Panel. Next, double-click Display and select the Settings tab. Make sure Colors/Color Palette is set to 16-bits (Hi-Color) or 32-bits (True Color). 24-bit color is NOT supported, 16-bits is recommended.

Do you have a correct Mouse device?

The 3 button mouse is recommended for usability reasons. IntelliMouse (two buttons plus wheel) is an alternative to the three-button mouse on Windows workstations, the wheel acting as the middle button and allowing additional manipulations such as panning and scrolling.

3D XML Player Installation on DBCS environment

Path for the installation folder of 3D XML Player needs to contain only SBCS characters.

64-bit Support

The 3D XML Player is available in 32-bit and 64-bit. You cannot install a 32-bit 3D XML Player on a 64-bit. On a 64-bit platform, .3dxml files will be displayed in the web browser only if this web browser is a 64-bit web browser. Insert/Object…/3D XML Plugin of .3dxml files in Office application (Word, PowerPoint) will be supported only if you use a 64-bit version of those applications.

3DLive and 3D XML Player installation

You cannot install 3DLive and 3D XML Player on the same computer. 3D XML Player will fail to install if 3DLive is already installed because the 3D XML Player capabilities are already included in 3DLive. For the same reason, 3DLive will uninstall 3D XML Player before installing itself.