This task answers frequently asked questions concerning functionalities.

When opening a .3dxml file, the error message "error while loading..." appears.

This error message is displayed in several situations: if the 3D XML syntax of the .3dxml file is incorrect if the 3D XML file contains links to unknown elements or resources if the geometry representation data is corrupted For versioning problems, you should see a warning or error message indicating that you can download of the last version of the 3D XML Player on

The 3D XML Player starts opening a valid .3dxml file and exits before any user action.

In some rare configurations, the 3D XML Player may exit without a warning message while loading valid 3D XML files. This is due to the graphic card parameters and can be solved by the setting the right configuration profile. To do so: - Right click your desktop and select Properties from the Menu - Select Settings / Advanced / Configuration - Go to your video card's panel - Set the Configuration Profiles to "CATIA" or "CATIA Version 5"

Models containing materials does not have the expected visualization.

Models containing materials with reflection may not open correctly in the 3D XML Player. This is a limitation due to the way the materials were saved.

Where can I find 3D XML samples?

You can find 3D XML samples at the following address:

Why is the Z-axis is always vertical?

The Z-axis is always vertical because of gravitational effects. If you want to by-pass this, you must use the Robot to modify the viewpoint.

Can we create measures, sections, annotations in 3D XML Player?

No, you cannot. These advanced functionalities are available in the 3DLive, which can also be integrated in Web pages and Office applications.

Viewing of material fails.

Textured materials applied at product structure level will not appear in 3D XML when the representation format is “Dynamic Tessellation”.