Simulation-Driven Optimization and Design Exploration with special focus on Additive Manufacturing - Sweden

On June 13, 2016
Dassault Systemes AB
Lindholmspiren 5A, 5th floor
SE-41756  Göteborg Sweden

The advent of Additive Manufacturing Techniques has increased the value of close links between Design and Manufacturing to unprecedented levels. This seminar will cover the unique parametric and non-parametric Design Exploration and Optimization capabilities within the SIMULIA portfolio and then show how these methods may be deployed to maximize the benefits offered by Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D-printing.

What’s immediately clear about AM versus traditional manufacturing techniques is the level of freedom in both the design and the process. But that freedom brings with it more variability.  These variables add up to a growing necessity for cost reduction and quality maximization that can only be addressed effectively by powerful software solutions in order to stay competitive within the AM space.

In the morning, we will focus on SIMULIA’s overall solution for Additive Manufacturing, highlighting the use of each of these technology components. Attendees will learn about SIMULIA’s advanced capabilities for Additive Manufacturing:

  • Simulating a print process to predict temperature, distortion, and stress
  • Minimizing the cost of AM processes with respect to print time and material
  • Developing a part topology using realistic constraints specific to AM processes
  • Creating a specialized lattice structure for light-weighting and biomimetic designs
  • Defining the right support structures that are cost efficient and effective for the print
  • Reconstructing geometries for re-parameterization and continuity in the PLM system

In the afternoon, we will take a deep dive into SIMULIA’s Simulation Process Integration & Automation, Design Exploration and Optimization technologies. We will outline how Isight and Tosca can be used to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your simulation processes
  • Facilitate the wider use of simulation tools and data across an organization
  • Rapidly assess design options and trade-off requirements
  • Consider the impact of variability to reduce risk
  • Conduct parametric and non-parametric design optimization to reduce product costs and increase design performance & quality

Who should attend?

Engineers, research specialists, designers, and manufacturing experts working across the Additive Manufacturing supply chain should attend this seminar. 

Great value will be gained by anyone interested in Simulation Process Integration & Automation, Design Space Modeling & Exploration and Design Optimization technologies seeing the application of these technologies across such an interesting and complex design space.





Registration and Coffee


Welcome & Introduction


Additive Manufacturing at a Glance: The Technology and the Trend


SIMULIA’s Solution for Additive Manufacturing Design Optimization


Coffee Break


An Open Discussion around AM Challenges for optimization


A Deep-Dive into Parametric Optimization for Cost Minimization in AM Processes




SIMULIA Optimization with Isight and Tosca: Two solutions – One Goal


Technology Overview: Isight – Process Automation, Design Space Modeling and Parametric Optimization


Coffee Break


Isight Application Example


Technology Overview: Tosca – Topology, Sizing, Shape and Bead Optimization


Open Forum

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Dassault Systemes AB
Lindholmspiren 5A, 5th floor
SE-41756 Göteborg
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Simulation-Driven Optimization and Design Exploration with special focus on Additive Manufacturing - Sweden

Location Dassault Systemes AB
Lindholmspiren 5A, 5th floor
SE-41756  Göteborg
Country Sweden

Dassault Systemes AB
Lindholmspiren 5A, 5th floor
SE-41756  Göteborg