Serminar Exalead in Prague

On June 19, 2012
Regus City Center, Klimentska 46, Prague Prague Czech Republic

Exalead is organizing a seminar to demonstrate how its Virtual Spare Parts Manager Solution helps companies to know their global inventory in order to deliver the right part to the right place as quickly and economically as possible.


Manufacturing companies are facing real challenges when it comes to improve the accuracy and efficiency of spare parts management especially across complex distribution/warehousing networks. These companies are suffering several constraints making it very difficult to optimize inventory levels and supply chain effectiveness.

Top industrial companies like Faurecia or Dassault Aviation are using the Spare Parts management application to fulfill this mission with a rapid, safe and cost-effective solution.

This solution  uses innovative semantic processing and indexing technologies to aggregate parts data worldwide (including PLM, supply and technical data), and transforms this diverse, scattered information into an agile spare parts management dashboard with full alerting and part ordering support.

This alternative approach that capitalizes on the existing IT investments, offering a safe, easy, fast and cost-effective way to overcome the spare parts management challenges.


Serminar Exalead in Prague

Location Regus City Center, Klimentska 46, Prague
Country Czech Republic

Regus City Center, Klimentska 46, Prague