NDIA 18th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

From October 26, 2015 to October 29, 2015
6715 Commerce St. Springfield, VA 22150-1633 Springfield United States

The NDIA 18th Annual Systems Engineering event is a major conference focusing on improving acquisition and performance of Defense programs and systems, including net-centric operations and data/information interoperability, system - of - systems engineering and all aspects of system sustainment, will be convened on October 26-29, 2015 in Springfield, VA. This conference is sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association, Systems Engineering Division, with technical co-sponsorship by IEEE AES, IEEE Systems Council and the International Council on Systems Engineering, and is supported by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense for Systems Engineering in the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistic and Office of the DoD Chief Information Officer.

The Department of Defense continues to seek ways to improve the acquisition of military equipment and capability to assist the warfighter in protecting the U.S. and its allies, and help oppressed nations around the world in a complex environment of ever-changing threats and conditions. The Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) of 2009 defines Systems Engineering as a key player in helping effect improvements in defense acquisition and program execution, to achieve more effective and affordable military systems. Better Buying Power provided guidance on increasing efficiencies to “do more, without more”. Systems Engineering is the “umbrella” engineering function that serves as the key integrating function for these initiatives and successful program execution and helping maintain the balance between requirements, performance, cost, schedule, and overall effectiveness and affordability. Systems Engineering principles embody strong technical and risk/opportunity management aspects, for the acquiring program office as well as the prime and subcontractors. Strong emphasis on systems engineering throughout  the program, especially in early development planning, is a key enabler of successful programs and fielded defense systems. The Annual Systems Engineering Conference explores the various roles of systems engineering from all aspects and perspectives—pragmatic, practical and academic—and brings key practitioners together to work on effective solutions to achieve a successful war fighting force.

Conference Objectives
This conference seeks to create an interactive forum for Program Managers, Systems Engineers, Chief Scientists, and Engineers and Managers from the Requirements, Design, Verification, Support, Logistics and Test communities from both Government and Industry. The conference will provide the opportunity to shape policy and procedures by exchanging innovative tactics and lessons learned.



NDIA 18th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

Location 6715 Commerce St. Springfield, VA 22150-1633
Country United States

6715 Commerce St. Springfield, VA 22150-1633