Manufacturing innovation seminar

On August 02, 2012
7-4 1-Chome, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya Japan

In emerging economies to lead the world economy as a whole, the appreciation of the yen against the backdrop of historic, not only the leading manufacturing industry, and even small and medium-sized enterprises is accelerating to expand into overseas. Now true globalization are required, unless for a commercial low-cost product to overwhelm the other countries while responding to local needs, can no longer survive in the international community is difficult. In this seminar, Mr. Chairman thirty-four Hino of Japan modular design and research director of Imagine Manufacturing Management Institute, about the "modular design" a practical method to meet the diverse needs of all over the world while significantly reducing cost, will lecture in the series in Tokyo and Nagoya in three General remarks hen, hen-order production, production of hen expected that the concepts and techniques.

While a newly emerging country tows the whole world economy, not only a major manufacturing company but the backbone and small and medium-sized enterprises are accelerating the advance into overseas against the background of a historical strong yen.
If cost reduction which overwhelms foreign country products is not realized satisfying the needs of a spot now when true globalization is called for, it is difficult to already remain undefeated in international society.
At this seminar, it is Hino of the craftsmanship Institute of Business Administration Imagine head and Japan modular design study group chairman. To 34 persons, About the practical technique "modular design" of meeting the various needs of every corner of the earth, you give a lecture on the concept and technique in series in Tokyo and Nagoya in the volume volume on introduction, and on build to order, and 3 steps edited by make-to-stock production, reducing cost sharply.
Moreover, it combines, and from our company and the partner company of our company, with the minimum design man day and the minimum parts, an example is mixed and I introduce the solution and common design base solution corresponding to the market needs to diversify.
The 3rd time is a modular design.   As a volume on make-to-stock production, holding is scheduled for Thu., august 2 in Nagoya.
I am pleased if you can utilize as an aid of the measure of a future global enterprise by all means.

Manufacturing innovation seminar

Location 7-4 1-Chome, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
Country Japan

7-4 1-Chome, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya