EXALEAD OnePart Community Seminar

On April 22, 2015
Meitnerstrasse 8 Stuttgart

Save time searching for parts - Decrease the effort to design or redesign - Open to CAD and non-CAD users

EXALEAD OnePart, the search solution for design and engineering assets, is unique from other 3D search solutions on the market:

  • Shape search in conjunction with sematic search
  • Find enriched metadata
  • Ergonomic and easy to use Web interface
  • Search on multi-CAD formats, multi-PDM/PLM, and related documents

Learn more about OnePart via customer stories and a live demo for the Aerospace & Defense, Transportation & Mobility, and Architecture, Engineering & Construction industries.


1. Features and Demo of current OnePart release
2. Key Differentiators and Benefits
3. IT Impacts and ROI
4. Business use-cases and examples
5. Tips & Tricks from EXALEAD experts
The Event is free of charge including lunch.

EXALEAD OnePart Community Seminar

Location Meitnerstrasse 8

Meitnerstrasse 8