Dymola Seminars by Modelon - Gothenburg, Sweden

On May 19, 2016
Gothenburg Sweden

Learn how to improve and accelerate your engineering results with model-based methods using Dymola


Modelon invites you to their Dymola Seminars - a series of events taking place during May and June 2016 in Sweden. The second session is in Gothenburg on May 19th. The seminars aim to increase the awareness and knowledge about Dymola, the leading tool for system  modeling and simulation from Dassault Systèmes.

Dymola can accurately describe the behavior and performance of systems including interaction between multiple physical domains and embedded software and controls. A wide selection of industry oriented model libraries allows for rapid results for your business. Dymola fully supports the Modelica and FMI standards that are rapidly emerging as cornerstones of model-based engineering.

Who should attend? The seminars are tailored for engineers and managers working in development and research of advanced products and systems. Dymola has been successfully applied in all industries: automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, energy & process, marine & offshore.

Agenda and registrations: 

Dymola Seminars by Modelon - Gothenburg, Sweden

Country Sweden