Customise your CAD/CAM/CAE Application: Get Trained on CAA

From June 25, 2012 to June 29, 2012
Pune India

What is CAA? - The CAD/CAM/CAE software supplied from Dassault systems is an out of box application. There are specific needs wherein you will like to customize the CAD/CAE/CAM application to take care of the very special needs of your company/Industry.

This is where CAA comes in picture. CAA (Component Application Architecture) is the core architecture on which CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA products are built.

Inside CAA

CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA are brands built on strong architecture which is made up of several thousands of components all seamlessly integrated together. These components could be equated with atoms that build an application. An application programmer can take advantage of the same architecture and create his/her own applications on top of these DS products. CAA provides capability to integrate customer’s processes and industry knowledge into DS products.
This training program is aimed to arm the programmers so they can utilize potential of CAA for their specific needs.



CAA V6 Course Content:

  1. V6 Foundations for Developers - V6 Portfolio, Architecture, Data Modeling, Openness
  2. ENOVIA VPM Multi-Discipline Collaboration Platform - Introducing PLM Core Modeler, PLM Modelers, PLM Customizations, PLM Instantiable Set, PLM Environment
  3. Development Architecture  - One Technological Choice, CAA Solution Architecture, CAA Development Tools Basics
  4. Object Modeler  - Overview of Interface/Implementation Design Pattern, Link between Interface & Implementation, Extension Mechanism, Late Type, Object Life Cycle Management
  5. ENOVIA VPM Central  - Session, Environments, PLM Components, PLM New / PLM Object Selector, PLM Connection
  6. Product Model - Session Content, PLM Object Loading, Navigation, PLM Component Creation/Instantiation, PLM Component Management, Publication, Constraint
  7. 3D Shape Model  - Mechanical Modeler, Geometrical Modeler
  8. User Interaction - Application Frame, User Interface, Selection Mechanism
  9. Knowledgeware  - Knowledgeware Overview, Literal Feature, Relation
  10. Visualization  - Architecture, Visualization Objects, Manipulator
  11. Software Quality and Delivery - Software Quality Management, Software Delivery Management.

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Customise your CAD/CAM/CAE Application: Get Trained on CAA

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