Composites Day, Stade

On September 25, 2013
Airbus-Straße 6, 21684 Stade, Germany

Meet the professionals at Dassault Systèmes' Composites Day 2013 in Stade, Germany!

With the first commercial aircraft made predominantly from Composite now flying in the sky, rotor blades for wind turbines manufactured in Composite material and within the next few months we will see the first high volume passenger cars being produced in Composite materials. All driven by the challenged the industry faces to greatly reducing the environmental impact of their products.

All industries are highly motivated to leverage the benefits that Composite material brings and are looking for ways to make use of it in the most efficient way possible. This will be realized by entering technical border areas of Composites in design, simulation, production and testing. Whilst Composites is no longer viewed as a black art from a technical perspective, the increased commercial constraints making it a viable proposition is driving the next areas of development.

At the Dassault Systèmes Composites Day you will learn how our customers are mastering the challenges of Composites by using the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Top-class speakers with practical experience await you, to share with you industry overlapping know-how in aerospace, automotive and wind energy.

Come and join us to take advantage of these experts. Exchange and discuss trend-setting assistance for your projects and make use of active dialog around the Composites theme.

Please register now for the Dassault Systèmes Composites Day. We look forward to your attendance at this free of charge event.



09:00 Registration

09:30 Morning Session

  • Welcome speech
  • Introductory presentation:
    The German Aerospace Center (DLR): CFRP Upper Wing Cover for Natural Laminar Flow - Virtual and real world
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Composites Presentation, Dassault Systèmes
  • Composites factory tour, AIRBUS

12:30 Networking and Lunch Break

14:00 Afternoon Session

  • Advanced Composites Simulation - SIMULIA

  • Customer Testimonial Aerospace & Defense:
    DIEHL Aircabin: Composites Experiences at Diehl Aircabin
  • Break
  • Customer Testimonial Transportation & Mobility:
    Onyx Composites: Entwicklung und Konstruktion eines serientauglichen Automotive-Composite-Batteriegehäuses
  • Customer Testimonial Aerospace & Defense:
    AIRBUS: Digital Factory for Manufacturing-Engineering

16:30 Wrap-up and Q&A

16:45 End


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0049 711 27 300 - 0

Composites Day, Stade

Location Airbus-Straße 6,
21684 Stade,
Country Germany

Airbus-Straße 6,
21684 Stade,