CATIA V5 Analysis

From July 01, 2015 to July 02, 2015
Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH, Elisabethstr. 16 D-52062 Aachen Germany

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CATIA V5 Analysis

CATIA V5 Analysis provides realistic design simulation capability within the CATIA design environment, allowing designers to perform analysis directly on their master reference model in CATIA. Since there is no transfer of geometry, data integrity issues are avoided. The generative capability of the CATIA Analysis product suite enables design-analysis iterations to be performed rapidly from simple parts to complex assemblies. Unbeatable ease of use makes CATIA Analysis particularly suitable for designers looking to accurately size their designs and quickly evaluate their real-world performance.

On day 1 the basic Analyses capabilities are demonstrated including linear static analysis, buckling and frequency analysis of parts and assemblies.

Day 2 introduces the extended SIMULIA products for CATIA V5, ATH (Thermal Analysis) and ANL (Nonlinear Analysis), two products developed using Abaqus technology but designated for design engineers.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the structural analysis capabilities of CATIA V5:

  • FEA concepts
  • Meshing
  • Analysis case setup
  • Results evaluation

The topics covered include:

  • CATIA V5 Analysis Overview
  • Single Part Analysis
  • Assembly Analysis
  • Replacing Parts
  • Shell meshing
  • Modal & dynamic response Analysis
  • Advanced solid Meshing and Analysis
  • Difference of linear and non-linear simulation
  • Self-contact
  • Thermal stresses
  • Industrial workflows

This seminar is recommended for all CATIA Users, who want to incorporate Structural Analysis capability in their workflows. Participants should have sound knowledge in CATIA Part- and Assembly Design.



Day 1:

10:00-10:30       CATIA V5 Analysis Overview

10:30-10:45       Component Analysis

10:45-11:20       Assembly Analysis - Bolt tightening analysis (Real and virtual bolts)

11:20-11:40       Quick Analysis using part replacement

11:40-12:00       CATIA V5 Analysis Use Cases & Product line

13:30-14:00       CATIA V5 Analysis Overview

14:00-15:20       Body component/assembly analysis

- Shell meshing & analysis

- Welding model: spot and seam weld

15:20-15:30       break

15:30-16:20       Modal analysis & Dynamic response analysis (harmonic)

16:20-17:20       Advanced Solid Meshing and Analysis

                        - Tetra filler and hexa meshing

17:20-17:50       CATIA V5 Analysis Use Cases & Product line


Day 2:

09:00-09:50       Introduction of SIMULIA V5 Extended Analysis

- Product positioning of ATH/ANL

- Know more about linear and nonlinear analysis, thermal conductive analysis

09:50-10:50       Workshop 1: Self-contact analysis of an engine mount (hands-on)

10:50-11:00       Coffee Break
-12:00       Workshop 2: Thermal-stress analysis of a disc brake (hands-on)   

12:00-13:30       ATH/ANL Industrial Workflows:

-          aircraft fuselage assembly,

-          piston head analysis, bumper analysis, …

-          SIMULIA for Designer offerin

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CATIA V5 Analysis

Location Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH, Elisabethstr. 16
D-52062 Aachen
Country Germany

Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH, Elisabethstr. 16
D-52062 Aachen