Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017

From April 04, 2017 to April 06, 2017
Messeplatz 1 20357 Hamburg Hamburg Germany

Aircraft Interiors Expo, Booth 6C90d

In the highly competitive market of designing and delivering aircraft interiors, external forces continue to drive change. 

To support changing customer demands and accelerate the pace in providing more and more personalized experiences that help establish the brand, it is important to be able to adopt and apply new supporting technologies without slowing down the business. 

Dassault Systèmes’ Passenger Experience allows designers, engineers, and customers to accelerate the creative process and deliver personalized cabins profitably. 

What differentiates Passenger Experience is that it extends digital continuity, otherwise known as the 3D Pipeline, from engineering through to sales and marketing. It reveals the emotion of the branding experience during the sales process. The customer can define their own configuration, making it truly personal, narrowing down their choices and closing the deal more quickly.

The second key differentiator is design automation. Design automation incorporates a company’s own design and manufacturing rules and Intellectual Property (IP), as well as industry regulations to make sure the finished product will meet all safety and certification guidelines. By automating these various functions, companies are able to reduce the time it takes to engineer custom configurations that capture the emotion customers are expecting.

Create your own cabin!

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo April 4 to 6, come discover the Passenger Experience solution for yourself and explore how quick it can be capture the emotion of your own personalized cabin.

Showcased on booth 6C90d will be two demonstrations of the 3D Pipeline:
The first shows how quick creative ideation can be captured and shared with team and customer.
The second builds on the creative elements by allowing customers working with sales to configure their own personalized cabin experience.


Use the form below to request an appointment with a Dassault Systèmes’ representative or feel free to stop by booth 6C90d (in the Hanse Pavillion).

Aircraft Interiors Expo is free to attend if you pre-register before the 4th of April.
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Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017

Location Messeplatz 1 20357 Hamburg
Country Germany

Messeplatz 1 20357 Hamburg