Advanced Biomedical Modeling: From Image to Simulation - Israel

On September 26, 2016
Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv Israel

Free to attend, hosted by: ADCOM Consulting, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Intel, Materialise, and SIMULIA

Advances in medical imaging have opened up a new era of engineering requiring multiphysics simulation of human and other natural forms (known as biomimicry). With this new, non-CAD driven simulation market poised to grow rapidly, advanced methods have been developed to rapidly take conventional medical image data and convert it directly to 3D meshes, allowing easy import into solvers such as Abaqus to optimize their use for medical device design, medical diagnostics and 3D printed prostheses.  

This full-day seminar and workshop will showcase the seamless integration between the 3D image processing and mesh generation tool, Mimics® Innovation Suite by Materialise and SIMULIA’s Abaqus Multiphysics FEA. The morning will feature state-of-the art technical presentations from leaders in the biomedical engineering field followed by an afternoon of hands-on training with the software showcasing how the complete process can be accomplished in hours

This event is ideal for all engineers, researchers and managers in the medical device, healthcare or consumer oriented high tech industries interested in using realistic human models in their design, evaluation and testing process.  Over the course of the day, you will not only gain an understanding of the progress in this developing field, but also learn the complete workflow to take a heart model from start to finish, beginning with 2D medical scans and ending with a dynamic beating heart model.   Knowledge of Mimics® Innovation Suite or Abaqus is useful but not required.


8:30 – 11:30

Biomedical Simulation Symposium

11:30 – 12:30

Lunch (Provided)

12:30 – 4:00

Hands-on Workshop (Laptops provided, but space is limited)

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  • Materialise
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Advanced Biomedical Modeling: From Image to Simulation - Israel

Location Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv
Country Israel

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv